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Are Videos Good for SEO?

by | Oct 9, 2020 | search engine optimization, Video Marketing

Are Videos Good for SEO? ITVibes, Inc., Spring, TX

Many digital marketing strategies consist of using videos to promote their brand. Using high-quality videos on your website helps search engine results pages to recognize your website as content-rich. By using videos on your website and social media, you can increase brand awareness and climb search rankings. 
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So, should videos be added to your SEO strategy? Playing an important role in organic visibility, videos can greatly improve your SEO efforts. Let’s take a look at how video marketing is an essential form of content marketing. 

Videos on Search Results Pages

Some Google searches often provide you with a video carousel showcasing related content. These videos can be linked directly to your website for users to watch videos and learn more about your product or service. This will help to improve your click-through rates on product videos, blog posts, and more. 

Pro Tip: Using videos on your website will improve your engagement metrics and reduce bounce rates. 

Boosting Organic Visibility

Optimizing your videos for YouTube and Google will help you to boost your organic visibility. YouTube’s algorithm has steadily increased its’ organic visibility in Google’s SERPs over the years. This is why it’s crucial to optimize your video content for both YouTube and Google audiences. 

Building Brand Familiarity 

When users love the videos you create, they’re likely to recognize your brand. People spend time searching for a brand they can trust. By adding your brand to your video thumbnails, you can boost your recognizability to your audience. 

Using Videos in Your SEO Strategy

So, are videos good for SEO? The answer is yes, they are undeniably a great piece of content marketing material to use to boost your organic visibility online. Over time, you’ll see your audience gain familiarity with your brand, and your videos will climb to the top of Google’s SERPs.
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