Why Real Estate Agents Need to Be on Instagram

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Real Estate is an Industry of Connection

Social Media takes users into the day to day lives of real estate agents and firms to create a community of trust and support. It helps potential clients learn about the person they are choosing to help them make one of biggest decisions of their life.Couple Lying on Floor Daydreaming at Home
Facebook dominates the Social Media scene, however Instagram is giving it a run for its money with over 200 million users online, and is growing quickly, with a 23 percent increase in users in over a six month period. Real Estate is an industry of visuals. The nature of Instagram and its focus primarily on sharing photos can describe your Real Estate business and culture in a way that no words can.

What is Instagram?

Two Seasons - Winter and Summer - with Instagram EffectInstagram is a free app that gives you a way to share your life with friends and followers through pictures. You take a photo with your phone and have options to add a filter to add an artistic feel to the image and post it to your account. Instagram’s mission is a real estate agents dream: “We imagine a world more connected through photos.”

Instagram a Game Changer for Real Estate

Greater Engagement: In a recent study Instagram delivered brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. “If your brand is looking for social engagement — and if you’re not finding it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks — you should start using Instagram today.” Forrester

Easily Collaborated with Other Social Media: Instagram posts are easy to synchronize with existing social media accounts to spread your image and message even further.

Media Variety: You can also post videos onto Instagram. Think virtual open houses delivered right to your clients phone!

Social Media continues to change the marketing game. With applications like Instagram, your real estate business has limitless potential for being seen. Don’t worry if all of this seems very foreign to you. ITVibes specializes in Social Media Marketing, and we can help you gain an edge in the virtual marketing scene. Let’s talk!