Valentine’s Day Email Ideas for Your 2020 Marketing Campaign

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for brands to express their appreciation for their loyal customers. For a variety of businesses, Valentine’s email marketing campaigns increase open rates and grab the attention of potential customers. 

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How Can You Make Your Subscribers Swoon this Valentine’s Day? 

Get your audience to fall in love with your brand by showing them your appreciation and what you can offer them. Your email marketing campaign for a perfect valentine’s day will be successful if you apply catchy subject lines and great offers, cater to audience desires and celebrate with gifts. 

  1. Cute Subject Lines
  2. Irresistible Offers
  3. Nurture Their Needs
  4. The Gift of Giving
  5. Something to Celebrate

Valentine’s Day Email Ideas for Your 2020 Marketing Campaign, ITVibes Design & Marketing, Spring, TX

1) Cute Subject Lines

Your Valentine’s Day newsletters won’t be getting clicks without a catchy email subject line. You want to capture the attention of your audience without overwhelming them with the pressure to make a purchase. Keep the subject line short and sweet, and tell them what’s inside the email before they open it. 

2) Irresistible Offers

Create a limited time offer for Valentine’s Day that your subscribers will love. Whether it’s free shipping or 30% off a product, express the fact that they don’t want to miss your brand’s offer before its Valentine’s Day campaign ends. 

3) Nurture their Needs

Customer engagement depends on the needs of the customer being met by a brand. Make sure you’re personalizing emails towards different demographics of your audience. Making a wish list of products catered towards a target audience in your email template is sure to boost clicks and conversion rates. 

4) The Gift of Giving

Treat your subscribers to a valentine’s day gift from your brand by promoting unique discount codes and freebies as a token of your appreciation. The perfect gift to receive from an email newsletter is a free one. 

Pro Tip: Use an animated GIF or customized graphic in your email designs to promote your valentine’s day offers creatively. 

5) Something to Celebrate

Use this February holiday to show your love for your team, products and services, and your customers. Video email marketing is great for making a human connection with your audience. Create a short, down to earth video expressing your admiration for what your brand means as a whole. 

Spreading the Love with Email Marketing

There’s no right or wrong way to show your followers some love through emails! Your Valentine’s Day email will show that you care about what your brand can provide, so put your heart into it and don’t forget to try new techniques. 

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