5 Ideas for a Spooky Halloween Office Party

5 Ideas for a Spooky Halloween Office Party | ITVibes, Inc. Houston, TX

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Team Building

It’s the best time of year, where employees get to wear their costumes to the office and eat candy at work! Bring your friends and family to experience celebrating Halloween at the workplace. With decorations on the cubicles and Halloween music playing on repeat, it’s time to get ready for spooky fun at the office.
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How Can You Have a Fun-Packed & Office-Appropriate Halloween Party?

Get into the Halloween spirit with your coworkers this year by throwing an office party they won’t forget. Let’s take a look at some spooky team building games and activities that will be fun for the whole team.

  1. Costume Contest
  2. Halloween-Themed Feast
  3. Cubicle Decorations 
  4. Pumpkin Carving
  5. Trick or Treating

1) Costume Contest

Encourage people to wear their best (as long as they’re office appropriate!) Halloween costumes for this event. A costume party is great for team building; get together with some coworkers to come up with a group costume idea. The most creative costume should be rewarded–candy is a suitable gift! Don’t forget to post your pictures on social media to add to your team’s culture page

2) Halloween-Themed Feast

Encourage employees to bring their own favorite Halloween-styled dish or drink. If people are game for bobbing for apples, it’s always a hit at Halloween parties! Check out Food Network for some Halloween recipes and see which scary snacks suit your taste.

3) Cubicle Decorations

We went wild with the office decorations this year! Spider webs hanging from the cubicles, skeletons at each desk, and the lounge decked out with creepy paraphernalia for our guests to be spooked by. If you have the materials to do so, set up a photo booth with some props for employees and guests to take pictures during the party.
5 Ideas for a Spooky Halloween Office Party | Itvibes, Inc. Houston, Tx 5 Ideas for a Spooky Halloween Office Party | Itvibes, Inc. Houston, Tx 5 Ideas for a Spooky Halloween Office Party | Itvibes, Inc. Houston, Tx

4) Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving contests get people’s creativity flowing and sometimes the competitive side comes out of people! Play some horror movies in the background and use this as an enjoyable team-building exercise. 

5) Trick or Treating

Try going door to door of the other offices in your workplace building and saying “trick or treat!”. You might not get a response from everyone, but bring some candy with you to hand out and get people in the Halloween spirit!  

Pro Tip: Halloween isn’t just a day anymore; it’s a season. 

Eerie Good Times with Your Favorite Coworkers

Get into the Halloween spirit with your work team and let the good times roll! By trying these ideas, you’re sure to have an impressive Allhallows Eve at the office. From all of us at ITVibes, we hope you have a happy Halloween with lots of candy and fun memories.
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