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3 Benefits of Marketing Automation

3 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Recently a high-level overview of just what marketing automation is was discussed on this blog. Now, we'd like to go into a bit more detail and share 3 benefits of marketing automation. As a refresher, marketing automation is a suite of tools that enable businesses to...

Quality Content vs. Black Hat SEO

Quality Content vs. Black Hat SEO

In his article for HubSpot, “Confessions of a Google Spammer,” former black hat SEO writer Jeff Deutsch explained why going the “black hat” SEO route is a very bad idea, and why producing quality content and using an inbound marketing approach is the way to go...

Open Logix

Houston Web Design & Marketing: OpenLogix Management consists of executives from the IT industry with an average industry experience of over 15 years. Their experiences vary from Automotive to Healthcare to Telecom and have worked for major corporations and for major...

5 ways to increase sales for your business growth

Last week we attended a seminar in The Woodlands on ‘5 Ways to Business Growth’  presented by a business coach. It was good 2 hrs spent understanding different aspects on Commitment, Sales, Marketing, Conversion and Measurement that directly impact growth potential of...