What Makes a Good Caption: 5 Powerful Ingredients

There are two important aspects to a successful social media post: the photo/video and the caption. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the caption is your opportunity to share your brand and engage with your audience. Discover what makes a good caption to start increasing your social media engagement.

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5 Features of Captions Worth Liking

Whether you’re posting on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, there are a number of ways to encourage engagement on your social networks. From the number of characters you use to the tone of your text, your social media marketing strategy is ultimately centered around what you post. To figure out what really makes a good caption, think about your content. From informative to funny, there are different types of caption ingredients you could start using.

  1. Facts
  2. Humor
  3. Length
  4. Hashtags

1) Facts

If you’re a business owner, your social media profiles are a place to share products or services related to your industry. More often than not, your captions need to have accurate facts that potential customers can view for future reference. Whether it’s detailed specifications, instructions, or even statistics, a good caption is one that can be supported by facts.

Pro Tip: Your captions should encourage users to complete an action or engage within the comment section. Add a clickable link or have them tag their friends to increase engagement.

2) Humor

Depending on your business, you may not share as many humorous posts as other profiles. That being, it’s a key content strategy worth looking into.

According to Angie Pascale of Click Z, “Laughter eases tension and forms a sense of unity through groups. Get your Facebook fans or Twitter followers laughing, and you’ll be helping to establish a sense of community and building connections with your brand and amongst your fans and followers.” From sarcasm to cute emojis, humorous captions are a highlight to any user’s feed.

3) Length

Every social media platform has a limit of characters you can use in a caption, but that doesn’t always mean you need to strive it fill it. According to Sprout Social, the ideal length of a good post on Facebook contains 40-80 characters. Because longer posts only display a couple of lines of text on a user’s feed, you have a couple of words to grab their attention and make them click to read more.

While you can include line breaks to make your content easier to read, the goal is to engage your audience and provide context to your post. Experiment with different post lengths and determine whether a shorter caption would be more beneficial on your profile.

4) Hashtags

Growing your social media profiles is easily done by improving your hashtag strategy. Designed to organically link similar posts together on a user’s feed, hashtags are a powerful way to enhance any caption. According to Later, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag can equate to 12.6% more engagement than other posts. If you can determine which hashtags are the most popular within your niche, your future posts will have a greater chance of being seen by new users.

5) Reposts

User-generated content is king with all social media communities, especially when it comes to encouraging people to buy a product or make a decision. With that being said, your best caption may be something an influencer or business partner has said. Ask the author for approval to repost content, and then give appropriate credit within your post. By resharing the relevant content of brands you trust, you can expand your business’s loyalty and potentially find new customers.

What’s Your Brand Voice?

At the end of the day, what makes a good caption is largely determined by your brand. Social media is a way to connect with users in a personal way, and your posts should reflect that. Thus, the voice of your brand can be a powerful way to gain loyal customers. With the right amount of characters and conversational tone, you can quickly build excitement around your social media posts that will last for years to come.

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