3 Essential Social Media Terms For Marketers


Whether you are just starting a social media marketing campaign, or you’ve been at it for many years, there are several terms to be familiar with. You may have heard these phrases in conversation, but do you really know the meanings? To produce a successful business strategy on social media, it’s essential to not only understand some basic definitions but also to recognize how these terms relate to your marketing efforts.

Social Media Terms For Marketers: What You Should Know

Are you promoting content on social media but not sure what you’re doing or if it’s working? It’s not uncommon for marketers to have only basic knowledge of effective social media marketing techniques. Get ahead of your competition and put your best foot forward online by grasping these three social media concepts.

1. Hashtag

A hashtag is a word or phrase annotated using the # sign. It’s used on social networks including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as a way to easily search for specific topics. The rules vary per network as to how many hashtags to use, but as a marketer, you should include it in your social media strategy. Think about keywords that relate to the topic you are discussing and the services/products your business provides.

2. Impressions

Impressions are an important part of analyzing data on social media. It relates to the number of times a particular post has been displayed to users. This is not interactions on a post, such as clicks, comments, or shares. Instead, it gives you an idea for the number of times someone potentially viewed a post, and it’s used across multiple social networking sites.

3. Engagement

Although you are probably aware of what the word engagement means, how it relates to social media could be unfamiliar if you are new to social media marketing. Engaging with a post, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linked, means a user is commenting, liking, or sharing. Simply put, it’s an action taken by your social media audience to a page post.

Standing Out In A Social World

It’s easy to throw terms around like impressions and engagement, but do you actually understand how it relates to your specific strategy? By learning a little industry lingo, your brand can quickly start standing out. Need help spreading the word about your business? Contact ITVibes to discover how an SEO specialist can bring you more recognition online while beating out the competition.

Alyssa is a web content writer and SEO manager at ITVibes in The Woodlands, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in print journalism and psychology where her passion for writing evolved. Now she uses that talent to help people grow their business online. Alyssa enjoys spending time with family, warm summer days, and reading new books.