Business Marketing: How to Get Likes On Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram is on the rise, especially for business owners and product influencers. The popular social media app is quickly becoming the top way to reach the next generation of shoppers, and there’s a reason why. Unlike Facebook that uses emoji reactions and sharing capabilities, Instagram is strictly based on posting content that can get likes from users. This type of user engagement can enhance a business’s web traffic, which leads to an increased online presence, more sales, and a larger customer base.

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Increase Engagement Rate

Most people scroll through their Instagram feed without ever liking anything. If you’ve used any form of social media, it’s high-quality content that usually makes you stop and engage. For business pages, this is the key. Put your feet in the shoes of a user and start increasing your likes with the following ways:

  1. Post Content Worth Liking
  2. Build Your Followers
  3. Know Your Target Audience
  4. Schedule in Advance
  5. Engage with the User

1) Post Content Worth Liking

You’d think most people would already post content appealing to Instagram users, but sometimes that’s not the case. A good Instagram post is made up of two features: a likable image and a noteworthy caption. For businesses, choosing graphics that grab the interest of the users are the most profitable. Try to use images that have a high resolution and are consistent with your brand’s style guide. In the same way, captions are the part of an Instagram post that calls a user to engage. Whether it’s explaining the details of a sale campaign or providing more information about the business, captions can make or break the success of a post. Don’t forget to use spellcheck and check for typos before posting! 

2) Build Your Followers

The correlation is easy to make. If you have a lot of followers, you’re bound to get more likes on your posts. With Instagram’s location feature, you can tag your posts with a specific location so that it can be found by others in the same area. Hashtags work in the same way. By using popular hashtags in your area or business, users can find your business page when exploring pages with related content.

3) Know Your Target Audience

One Instagram page is not going to be like any other Instagram page. Just like in the business world, it’s important to know who to market in your target audience. What is their age? What are their interests? In other words, post content based on what people in your target audience are looking for and you’re bound to get more likes. 

4) Schedule In Advance

If you can learn when your target audience is on social media, you can take advantage of when to post. This optimal posting time will enable you to engage more users and garner more likes. If you’re a business owner, scheduling posts not only saves time but resources. Instead of spending time every day to create an original post, you can spend a little extra time one day to create an entire weeks’ worth.

5) Engage with the User

Social media is all about engagement. If you can create posts that users interact with, you can increase your likes and build your business. Give your users a reason to like your posts by adding an incentive like a discount code or product offer. These types of contests can be planned so that users only have a chance to win if they like your posts, which will enhance your page and increase your following.

Pro Tip: Social media is a way to interact personally with your users. Business owners should consider replying back to comments on their posts to increase relatability and friendliness. 


Success on Instagram is measured by engagement, such as how many likes and comments you receive. Increasing likes can become a difficult task when you’re first building your platform, but if you’re able to implement any of the strategies above, those likes will be adding up in no time. 

If Instagram isn’t apart of your marketing strategy, you could be missing out on the latest social media trend to increase your web presence. Join the conversation to speak with our team of social media experts!

Ashlee Vaughn

Ashlee Vaughn is a Web Content Writer at ITVibes, Inc. After receiving her B.A. in Humanities at Thomas Edison State University, she began sharpening her writing skills by completing a Certificate in Technical Writing. Ashlee’s interest in writing comes from her love for organization and it’s apart of everything she does. When she’s not dotting every i and crossing every t, you might find her playing with her new puppy or enjoying a local Houston event with her friends.