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What’s the Best Social Media Post Length?

by | May 20, 2020 | Social Media, Social Media Branding

Trying to write the best caption? Wondering whether the length of social media posts actually matters? Interested in growing your social channel? If you’re asking questions like these, you’re on the right track. Discover the optimal length of each social media network to enhance your social media strategy.
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With every new update, it seems like the character limits of the most popular social media networks change. For businesses who are attempting to grow their audiences, understanding these limits, and how they relate to content is essential. If you’re interested in improving your social media posts, consider the following recommendations regarding the length of your caption.


Popular social media platform, Facebook has become the central network for audiences of all ages to share information. Unfortunately for businesses, the algorithm for users feeds places a higher impact on status updates from family and friends than businesses. That’s because the developers have Facebook have begun to notice users are desiring authenticity over noisy advertisements.
According to Jeff Bullas, the ideal length of a Facebook post is shorter than you think. Studies prove that Facebook posts with 40-80 characters perform the best overall. Since it’s becoming more difficult to get your posts seen by users, simplifying your message will help grab their attention easily.


Since the early days, Twitter has been known as the social network for brevity, quotes, and short quips, Its original 140 character limit has been a key feature for users, who welcome a challenge to be concise. That changed in 2017 when the network increased the limit to 280 characters, but the purpose of Twitter hasn’t wavered.
This brings us to the ultimate question, then. What’s the ideal length of a tweet? According to Sprout, the optimal character count falls somewhere between 71-100 characters for top engagement activity. Known for its microblogging, Twitter continues to succeed with users who prefer shorter conversations.

Pro Tip: Hashtags are included when measuring your character limit. Use at least 1-3 industry hashtags in your caption to increase your visibility.


Recognized as the hub for networking, LinkedIn is the perfect place to promote your products and services. Since status updates tend to be more text-heavy, you may think post length is irrelevant. According to Hootsuite, the LinkedIn platform is growing, making it more and more difficult to win organic attention. Similar to the Facebook algorithm, it’s becoming abundantly clear that business posts can get hidden behind personal status updates. 
With that being said, LinkedIn posts need to be clear and concise. On a mobile device, a “See More” link will appear if your caption is longer than five lines. Unless you think your users want to read an entire blog post on their social media feed, try to keep your LinkedIn posts between 16-25 characters for best results. 


No longer new to the social media scene, Instagram is the top network for brands to showcase their products with high-quality images and videos. While posts may be centered around visual content, that doesn’t mean captions aren’t important. According to Jacqueline Zote, captions give context and give users a reason to engage. 
Zote writes, “Lengthy captions may be difficult to read and process. Users typically want to quickly scroll through their feeds and they won’t necessarily have the time or patience to read through everything.” For best engagement, keep your Instagram posts between 138-150 characters. That should also include 5-10 hashtags to help grow your audience organically.

Optimizing Your Social Media Posts

Navigating the world of social media marketing can be daunting. The key to remember is the uniqueness of your brand. Where one business had success with a particular strategy, another may have had an entirely different experience. Experiment with different lengths of social media posts, and determine what your audience prefers.
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