The Art of Repurposing Your Content for Social Media

The Art of Repurposing Your Content for Social Media ITVibes, Inc.

Repurposing content can be a great addition to your social media strategy. With so many types of content to create, it’s best to incorporate everything you can. You can create great content with minimal time and effort by repurposing posts for multiple platforms.

Content marketers can boost their social media game by repurposing content in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at multiplying social media posts with existing content! #ITVibes Click To Tweet

One piece of content can be used multiple times in your marketing strategy. This doesn’t mean copying and pasting social media content across all of your social platforms. It’s about taking one idea and making the most out of it for each specific social media platform.

Creating Visual Content

Let’s say you’ve created a blog post with a good amount of information. You can then create a custom graphic that links back to that blog on social media. Instagram posts are great for capturing your target audience’s attention and redirecting them to your website. You can use infographics to repurpose your blog and incorporate it into an eye-catching visual. While creating infographics can seem intimidating at first, it can be quick, easy, and fun using tools like Visme

Pro Tip: Each graphic you create can be optimized for individual social media platforms. Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are a great place to start!

Revamping Older Posts

If you have an older post you’ve made that did well in the past, you can repurpose it by bringing it back to the limelight on social media. Try recirculating the post with Twitter retweets and adding newer case studies to reinstate your idea. From one blog post, you can make a related video, custom graphic, Facebook poll, Instagram story, and much more! 

Bring It All Together

E-books provide your audience with all the information you’ve been sharing for months. Piece your related blog posts together with visuals you’ve created and other useful information to make it flow smoothly. By doing this, you can link to multiple posts and pages of your website, helping you to boost your content on search engines

Successfully Repurposing Your Content for Social Media 

Why stop with one post when it can be used in so many different ways? Repurposing content for social media makes it effortless to produce a plethora of content in a short amount of time. And when it comes to content, you can never create too much! 

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