Real-Time Tweets Now Included in Search Results

social media marketing

Social media marketing is becoming more important each year when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For example, Twitter and Google’s most recent annoucement.

Twitter is now partnering with Google to include real-time tweets that are related to searches performed by users on their mobile app or browser.  For now, it is limited to the Google app for iOS and Android, Google’s mobile website, and mobile browsers for which Google is the default search engine.  At this point, it is also English only.  However, it will be available in a desktop web version soon and is spreading to other countries in the next few months, according to CNET.

This move can benefit both companies as well as users.  Twitter stands to benefit by exposure, which could lure more to their service.  Google also benefits by gaining access to real-time information and updates, which could give them even more of a competitive edge among search engine providers.  Finally, users get access to up-to-the-minute information about whatever they are searching for, as the most recent tweets related to the topic are included with the standard search results.

This feature was rolled out on Tuesday, and both Twitter and Google posted blogs explaining how to use it.  If you search for a person who is on Twitter, the latest tweets from that person’s account will pop up in the results feed.  You can also search with a hashtag for trending information about a topic, or specify Twitter in the search to find the tweets that discuss the topic you are searching.  The tweets that pop up in search results work just like regular tweets: tapping an embedded URL will take you to the site, and tapping on the account name will take you to the full account.
According to Google, this feature is still somewhat in the testing phase and will likely be tweaked in the future based on how searchers utilize it most.

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