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Keeping Up with 2020 Content Marketing Trends

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Content Management, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Social Media Branding, Video Marketing

Keeping Up with 2020 Content Marketing Trends ITVibes, Inc.

Creating content for social media means staying up to date with relevant content trends and creatively adding your brand’s personality to it. So far, there have been many changes in 2020 content marketing trends, with businesses needing to adapt their strategy to fit with current news and recent events. For creatives, it can seem like a challenge to keep up and stay visible online!
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To make an impact online with content creation, you’ll want to know what the best content marketing trends and strategies are in 2020. Videos and live streams are more popular than ever on social media platforms, along with heavily results-focused content, and the need to follow the user and search intent. Use these trends to your advantage in boosting your content marketing game. 

Make an Impact with Video

If you can create quality video content that captures the attention of your audience and keeps them engaged, your brand will see amazing results with ROI. Conveying your most important messages through video will help you to build a following and bring user-generated content. This will help to effortlessly boost your brand’s visibility.

Pro Tip: Livestreams are a great way to connect with your audience, build a following, and understand what it is they admire about your brand. 

Content Focused on Results

Start focusing on the results when you create 2020 content. Brands that take advantage of survey tools to engage with their audience, specifically, brands that post on Instagram and Facebook, get the benefits of conversational marketing. If you want to know what the consumer expects from your products and services, you’ll need to know what it is that they’re searching for. Try surveying your targeted audience by implementing creative questions and polls for them to respond to and get their input. 

Follow User and Search Intent

You can optimize your 2020 content by understanding the user and search intent to a tee. Do your research on keywords relevant to your business and what competitors are using to climb to the top of Google. What type of search intent is there for your target keywords? Pinning search intent will help you to create personalized content with click-worthy calls to action.  

Coming Out on Top with Content Marketing

The best content marketing trends of 2020 are constantly changing, which will always be the case with digital marketing. For your future content marketing goals, make sure to stay engaged on social media so you can discuss hot topics with other creatives and get ideas from brand competitors. 
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