Keep Your Facebook Advertising Strategy on Track

Keep Your Facebook Advertising Strategy on Track, ITVibes Design & Marketing, The Woodlands, TX

Facebook’s advertising capabilities are no secret to anyone involved in online marketing. If your business isn’t taking advantage of this proven and quite lucrative advertising method, you’re missing out! However, like any advertising method, Facebook ads aren’t without their potential problems. Any business owner who advertises through Facebook should be aware of these issues and know how to avoid them.
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Problems with Facebook Advertising

As you develop your Facebook ad campaign, there are plenty of factors to consider and attempt to keep straight as you work. You’ll likely encounter several common issues with your ads, your campaign setup, or audience outreach.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what these issues are and how you can best resolve them:

    1. Using Pixel the wrong way
    2. Setting up the wrong kind of ad campaign
    3. Failing to consider your audience
    4. Forgetting to track Facebook ad effectiveness

1) Using Pixel the Wrong Way

Facebook Pixel is a tool that allows you to track how many people find your website through a Facebook advertisement. Unfortunately, the ad interface Facebook has set up makes it tricky at times to create an effective campaign that actually helps your business. Even using the Facebook Pixel Helper doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing. The only sure-fire method to make sure you’re doing alright is to inspect the ad yourself and make sure you’re tracking results properly.

2) Setting Up the Wrong Kind of Ad Campaign

Facebook offers multiple different kinds of ad formats to help streamline your campaigns. Unfortunately, these formats are only as good as their usage. Which type best appeals to your online audience, and which kind has a proven history of the best returns for your business? Do your research before settling on a particular format for any campaign.

3) Failing to Consider Your Audience

This problem isn’t unique to Facebook advertising, but can have particularly unhelpful consequences on social media. Online users tend to be annoyed by a barrage of ads, especially ones that seem irrelevant or unhelpful, leading many to employ ad blockers when browsing the internet. The best way to avoid this is to present your audience with ads that interest them. For instance, keep track of who has actually purchased from you or viewed your advertising in the past. These people are more likely to tolerate your advertisements and ultimately purchase from you.
The ultimate principle here is to not oversaturate your audience with ads. An effective ad campaign knows when to let a customer’s curiosity and desire to get a great deal take over.

Pro Tip: Keep different social media platforms or device usage in mind as you plan your ad campaign. An ad that works perfectly on Instagram mobile may be seen as annoying on Facebook desktop, for instance.

4) Forgetting to Track Facebook Ad Effectiveness

How have your previous Facebook ad campaigns gone? If you don’t keep track of past successes or failures, you’re likely to repeat the same mistakes you made before. Don’t waste time and money on ads that don’t attract any business! Keep track of your previous campaigns, note what worked and what didn’t, and learn from your experiences to grow your online audience.

Get the Most Return on Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ad campaigns are still a reasonably new arrival on the online marketing scene, and as such, not everyone has a clear understanding of how best to use them. Unfortunately, since every business strategy is different, there’s no single answer for the best use or strategy for Facebook marketing. Your best chance is to experiment and keep track of your results, as well as any problems with Facebook advertising you encounter. This will help you determine the best course of action for the future.
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