Benefits of Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

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Soical Media Marketing- Twitter Profile on Apple Iphone 5sCurrently, Twitter has 307 million monthly active users from around the world. Its extraordinary growth has led many businesses to incorporate it as a tool in their social media marketing plan. It’s an effective marketing platform that can also be used to build client/consumer relationships. The short form immediacy it offers is unlike any other social media platform—a main reason for its phenomenal popularity.
Twitter is a necessary part of every business’ social media marketing plan—it has the ability to give your businesses an online presence.

Social Media Marketing—Why Twitter?

Twitter can benefit your company as a technique to fulfill your social media marketing needs in four ways:

1.  Branding

If you send out good information through your tweets continuously, people will start to know your name on Twitter and share your posts. So, your brand name, company name, and personal name will begin to be recognized in your industry, thus creating a reputable business name.

2.  Establish Stronger RelationshipsSocial Media Marketing- Seo Magnent

Many of your customers are probably already on Twitter, or eventually, will be. This means you should be too! Twitter allows you to send short, quick messages called tweets to your target market. If you provide customers with knowledgeable information, they will return to your site, and keep your business in mind when buying the products or services you offer.

3. Improve Organic Search Engine Rankings

Social media marketing has a strategy, and it should include bringing users to your website. Tweets that link to your blog articles will generate inbound hits, which allows Google to rank your site higher!

4.  Monitoring

Twitter is also a great news source for your business. Monitoring what consumers are saying about your product, brand, company or service is a tool not accessible before social media. Also, the ability to respond directly and immediately to someone is vital for building trust among your brand. In addition, it’s always beneficial to know what’s happening in your industry and scope out your competition!                                                                    

Wrapping It Up!

Online conversation is not always positive. Negative feedbacks, customer complaints, and unfavorable reviews all need to be managed so that negative feelings can be converted to positive ones. ITVibes is experienced with social media marketing and finding the best solution for your business. We know every company is different and that’s why we are dedicated to giving you customized services. Contact us to get started on your social media marketing plan today!