2020: Video Marketing Trends of the Future

2020: Video Marketing Trends of the Future ITVibes Inc. Spring, TX.

We’ve seen a lot of changes and new additions to the world of video marketing throughout the years. It’s safe to assume that there will be new methods to test out and different content marketing strategies to consider for the new year. The future of video marketing is always upon us, with new trends coming in the year 2020. 
What does the future of video marketing look like? Here are some trends to look out for in 2020 to boost your audience. #ITVibes Share on X
If you’re looking to add video content to your digital marketing strategy in 2020, you’ll want to know which trends will get you the most ROI. Take advantage of increased conversion rates by optimizing your videos for specific social platforms, targeting your audiences to a tee, and extending to long-form videos. 

Platform Optimized Videos

You can’t run a video ad that isn’t made for the type of social media platform you’re posting it on. The type of video that you’re posting and where you’re sharing it will need to work hand in hand to get the best results. If your video isn’t optimized for the social platform, your audience may be struggling to watch the video in its’ full quality. If you’re posting a video in the form of a story on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, you’ll need to create vertical videos. 

Pro Tip: Videos posted directly to Facebook in the correct format perform better than a shared YouTube link.

Personalized Videos for Target Audience

You can help your audience to make a purchase decision through your marketing videos by catering to their specific needs. With email marketing, sending personalized messages for your target audience will get more opens than a generalized message which could be sent to anyone. The same idea applies to your video marketing strategy
Your video’s tone of voice should appeal to your targeted audience. Try posting live videos of events happening in real-time so that your viewers don’t want to miss out on important details by not watching. Live streaming is also a good way to get your audience involved with your brand. 

Long-Form & Interactive Videos

YouTube has recently seen an increase in engagement on videos longer than 15 minutes, whereas before, shorter videos that get straight to the point of a topic with little detail pulled more views. Long-form videos allow you to capture viewer attention with niche topics and builds your brand identity, which is important. Creating an interactive experience with your video marketing campaign will drive engagement and shares. You can make your video interactive by adding a call to action button which the viewer can click to follow a link to your promotion. In 2019 we saw things like 3D photos and 360-degree videos getting millions of clicks and views on Facebook. 

Trendy Videos All Year Round

Pay close attention to the video marketing trends of 2020 to see which content is driving the most traffic. Test out different ideas and remember to apply SEO to your videos for the best results. There’s no right or wrong way to make a video and post it online, but there are important guidelines and trends to follow to see steady progress. 
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