Understanding and Tracking YouTube Search Trends

Understanding and Tracking YouTube Search Trends ITVibes

When digital marketers are creating a content strategy for a brand, they’ll typically use search engine optimization and track Google trends data. By tracking trending topics, they can have a better understanding of the type of content they should aim to create. For content creators, the same can be applied to videos on YouTube! 

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Content marketers sometimes forget that YouTube is a large search engine. It’s full of viral videos with high search volume. By tracking YouTube’s trending videos, you can have an idea of how to optimize your own content to keep up with other popular artists and creators. 

What YouTube Search Trends Can Tell Us

By following the most recent YouTube search trends, you gain an insight into which topics and subjects are gaining traction. This is valuable information for content creators and SEO professionals alike. By doing your YouTube keyword research the way you would with a blog post or other content writing, you’ll know exactly what will get the most attention on social media

Following Trends to Optimize Your Videos

There are plenty of ways you can use the information from YouTube’s search trends to your own video content’s advantage. Just like gathering high-ranking Google search terms to plan new content, the same can be done with YouTube for videos. To start, you can fully optimize your channel’s existing video content and bring it up to date. Add relevant keywords in your video descriptions, tags wherever applicable, and update titles and video thumbnails to appeal to current trends. 

Creating High-Quality Video Content with Search Trend Tracking

Following the latest YouTube search trends can help you to improve your video content and optimize it for your target audience. Plenty of keyword research and content planning can take your channel to the next level. Remember that trends are always available to inspire video ideas, but your content should be unique to your brand identity to help you stand out. 

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