PPC or Organic? Industrial Marketing for More Search Engine Visibility

If you’re in charge of sales in the industrial sector, bringing in a consistent flow of new qualified leads can be challenging. Today, a significant part of the buyer’s journey involves online search.  In a space where networking and word-of-mouth marketing has traditionally accounted for the majority of leads, search engine visibility has become a growing concern. Industrial marketers must learn how to navigate the dynamics of search engine marketing and learn which SEO tools will best produce the most leads.

A Winning Industrial Marketing Strategy

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely given some thought to how to increase your online visibility. You may be wondering whether to start with an organic SEO strategy or if investing in paid advertising will drive better results.

In short, the answer is: Both. Organic and Paid search engine techniques go hand-in-hand for a powerful and robust industrial marketing strategy that will help you target and convert.

The goal is not only to get to the top of search engine results, but to stay there. Paid advertising will help you get there fast, displaying your site in the top ad results. However, once you stop paying, the ad will no longer be visible. With Organic SEO, it may take some time for your site to rank in the search engine results, but these efforts are longer-lasting. This is why it’s best to use an integrated approach when it comes to search engine marketing.

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The superpower behind search engine marketing is knowing that you are getting in front of those buyers who are searching for your specific products or services – at the exact moment they are searching. Contact us to learn more about how to leverage your paid and organic SEO strategies and give your online visibility the boost it needs to generate more leads.


Traci has spent a better part of the last decade developing a diverse digital marketing portfolio. As Content & SEO Team Manager at ITVibes, she enjoys working with businesses from various industries to develop data-driven content marketing strategies that yield high results. Traci is passionate about the inbound marketing process as a way to connect businesses with the exact people that are looking for their products and services at the exact moment they are searching. Traci is known for her highly-collaborative methods that help her realize the vision each client has to successfully create engaging content to captivate carefully targeted audiences across multiple platforms. She loves the ever-evolving nature of the digital marketing industry and strives to learn and apply new trends and methods as relevant to her client’s business goals. With a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Traci uses charismatic and creative leadership techniques to drive her team to reach for new heights each day. When Traci is not working, you will find her enjoying the daily adventures of life with a big family!