Write A Product Catalog To Successfully Attract Your Customers

Write A Product Catalog

Back in the “internet” stone ages (like a year ago), online catalogs were a place to stick images and some generic product features. Not the case anymore! People want to shop with the click of a button. If your product is not at the tip of their fingers, chances are you’re losing out on valuable sales. Let’s jump into how to write a product catalog and the do’s and don’ts involved. 
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Writing a product catalog doesn’t have to be blah. With fun product descriptions, sprinkled SEO, and bold images, you can give life to your online catalog and rapidly increase sales. Your products will rank higher than competitors on search engines with the SEO boost from detailed catalogs. Turn your digital catalog into a powerful marketing tool that boosts your online sales and rankings.

Showcase Your Product Descriptions

Ready for a truth bomb? Your customers can’t see or touch your product, and they can buy the same products anywhere else. It’s up to you to convince them to buy from you with the way you market. Sell them on your products by describing them well. No one wants to spend hours wading through a cluttered catalog. Give them what they need simply and boldly. Product descriptions have to be catchy and present solutions. They have to grab attention and be easy to read. Focus on a problem and how your product can solve it. And be sure to mention any unique or custom product features you provide.

Categorize Like a Boss

You find the perfect product for that specific need, clicked on it, and landed on a page that has a gazillion categories. You can’t even find the image you clicked on. And now you’re hunting for the search bar, which takes you to a page that has multiple hits. Frustrated yet? Your customers know what they want, get them to it, QUICK. Even if they’re just browsing or unsure about making a purchase, an organized catalog encourages them to shop around and buy. Your categories are also a way to optimize your catalog. Use keywords or phrases that have high searches for the product category you’re featuring. Scroll through and make sure that there’s a good flow to the way you’ve categorized your products. Product categories should make sense, flow well, have SEO value, and be user-friendly.  

In Your Face Product Images

This is exactly what the title sounds like. Bold pictures that show off a product’s features attract customers. Everyone wants to get the best for what they spend. Descriptive images that detail different colors, sizes, dimensions, and other benefits of products ease a customer into make a purchasing decision. This is an area you don’t want to skimp on. Hire professional photographers. Get a great graphics person. Do everything you can to get quality, clear images that will sell your product best.

The Icing on the Top: Meta & Alt. Text

Know how we talked about fancy-schmancy optimizing for product categories? It isn’t enough to just have great images because while they’re visually appealing, they won’t show up when searched. Your customer isn’t searching for image-12342323.jpg off Susan’s downloads. They’re searching for the best of the best options of products offered online to meet their needs. Product images have to describe what they’re selling. SEO meta and tags increase the value of your product images. Whether it’s a toy or a wine crate (it’s wine o’clock somewhere), well-written metadata and image alt.text make your products more likely to pop up on search engines.

Don’t Confuse Your Customer

Say it with me three times fast: User-friendly. User-friendly. User-friendly. The time it took you to say that out loud is about how long it should take a user to find the product they’re looking for on your website. Longer loading times, unorganized catalogs, and difficult product searches turn a customer off. And by off we mean off your website and onto your competitors to possibly give them the sale you lost. You can prevent this when you write a product catalog that’s super user-friendly. Browse through to see how easy it is for you to navigate. Get your employees and friends in on it and to get their feedback. Keep in mind, a customer landing on your website needs to get to what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

SEO Friendly URLs

Look at your browser search bar right now. If we did our job right, it should have a URL that ends with something like this: .com/how-to-write-a-product-catalog. You know exactly what this page about and it is described clearly and concisely for you and Google. Your product URLs are no different. They have to be SEO rich and let your customer know what it is you’re selling. For example, what would you think if you read a product URL that goes something like superfancycompanyname.com/princess? Super generic right? Are they selling dresses, doing birthday parties, does someone believe they’re a princess? But if you take that and write it out to be more specific, something like superfancycompanyname.com/princess-for-birthday-party. Now you know it’s princess characters you can hire for your five-year-olds’ birthday party. Take the guesswork out of your catalog, so your customer knows exactly what to expect.  

How To Write a Product Catalog?

Writing a catalog copy can be intensive, and these tips barely scratch the surface. There’s a whole lot more that goes into effective product descriptions and features when you write a product catalog. Let’s get your catalog to show up on search engines and optimized. If you’re ready to get your products click-friendly, contact us our SEO copywriters today!