Why Is Impression Share Important? 3 Reasons

Why is Impression Share Important? 3 Reasons

Suppose you want to increase engagement and profit on your current digital marketing campaign ads. In that case, impression share is your tool to see how well your ad performs compared to its potential audience. To maximize your efforts, you should structure your digital campaigns to boost your ad’s impression share as effectively as possible. 

Impression share is the percentage of impressions you receive from your campaign compared to the total number of impressions available. Search networks like Google will give you the percentage of impression share for your campaign’s active keywords in specific locations. This gives marketers an idea of the eligible impressions your ads are missing out on.

The following reasons explain why Impression Share is a crucial part of optimizing your ads account for growth: Share on X
  1. Find Potential Users You Can Reach
  2. Maximize Your Campaign Results
  3. Learn How to Climb the Ranks

1) Find Potential Users You Can Reach

When you use the equation for calculating your campaign’s impression share data, you can see the impressions deemed eligible by Google that you’re missing out on. You can use this data to research additional keywords, types of ad groups, digital campaigns, geography, and more. These improvements to your quality score will ensure you’re reaching more potential users.

2) Maximize Your Campaign Results

An ad campaign that has already had multiple keyword variations helps improve your impression share. Once you know which keywords are doing well in your PPC campaigns, you can make adjustments such as increasing your budget and adding search terms. Try to focus on your Lost Impression Share statistics to know where to make improvements.

3) Learn How to Climb the Ranks

Understanding your impression share metrics gives you the advantage of knowing how to climb Google’s top SERPs. Along with other Google Ads statistics, your search impression share is key to comprehending what to remove from and add to your success in paid search advertising.

Analyzing Impression Share Statistics for Improvement

Now that you understand the importance of impression share for your business, you can take action to climb search network rankings. Choose an established team of SEO and digital marketing experts who can help your online business optimize click-through rates on landing pages.

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