How to Create Optimized Local Landing Pages So Houston Can Find Your Awesome Services

Want to attract local customers online? Ranking well for the services you offer, but grabbing attention from a whole other state? There’s no point to having a spanking new website if you’re not showing up easily in local search engine searches. Why’s this important? You could be wasting your marketing budget reaching customers wanting your services but they’re located out of your business reach. Use SEO strategies for local landing pages to get customers within the areas you need.

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Intrigued? Well, read on!

Local Customers: Where You At?

Where are your current customers coming from? Do you want to increase or decrease this reach? Answering this helps you build a perimeter. Create virtual location-specific barriers to reach with your local SEO targeting. Once this happens your website will pop up on local search results for your website. Pulling your hair out? Don’t! It’s just a fancy way of saying ‘If someone’s looking for something in xyz location online, and you’re looking for xyz location customers, BOOM, they find you!’ The goal is to get you ranked well and showing on local listings for the services you provide.

Important Boring Technical Stuff (Bleh!): Localized MetaData for Local Pack

If you want to seem like you’re the top dog at what you do in the ‘eyes’ of search engines, you’ve got to have relevant keywords and metadata. Metadata includes SEO rich title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords. Tossing in keywords randomly isn’t going to give you the impact of having metadata and SEO that’s targeted. Use this strategy to boost your localized pages and rank for the specific areas where you want to do business!

Show Up On Local Results For Customers On-The-Go

Most of your customers are looking for you on-the-go as they’re thinking about what they need. Statistics show that 60% of Google searches are done on cell phones!  That’s a HUGE amount. What does this mean for your online presence? You’ve got to have a responsive web design that ranks for a local business for their searches.

Local SEO Sounds Great: How Do I Do All This?  

You can boost your local business by creating local landing pages with a few well-placed keywords and metadata. Ensure your website looks great on the move. Sound like too much work? Contact us to connect with a local SEO strategist who can help you create unique local web pages that reach your local customers effectively.


Apurva Sumner