5 Easy Rules of On-Page SEO: Rule #1 Use the Right Keyphrase Strategy

The on-page SEO game has changed in the past several years. Today, on-page SEO done right will now feel less like a game and more like writing intuitive content. The best thing you can do when creating content is to write for humans because the search engines will love it!

In this series, we will discuss 5 easy rules to use as a starting point for your on-page SEO strategy.

How to Use the Right Keyphrase Strategy

If you know nothing else about SEO, you’ve most likely heard of writing with keywords. But, are you using the right keyphrase strategy?

Choosing Keyphrases

Starting with the right keyphrase is an integral part of the strategy. There are many tools you can use to research and select the right keyphrase list for your site. Many moving parts work together to develop an ongoing keyphrase strategy. If you don’t know where to start with your keyphrase list, ask an SEO specialist to help.

How Keyphrases Work on Google

It’s very important that you understand that keyword stuffing is no longer recommended. In fact, Google will penalize any site that uses this strategy. Keyword stuffing is not intuitive and causes content to be less readable. Humans do not like keyword stuffing and neither do search engines! This strategy will decrease your chances of being shown in search engine results (SERPs).

Instead, Google recommends one main keyphrase per page. Your main keyphrase should be the main topic of the page. You can then add secondary keyphrases as relevant to the page content. Secondary keyphrases include synonyms and long-tail keyphrases that add meaning to your content.

Google has become a very intuitive search engine. You no longer have to use the keyphrase over and over within your website copy. In fact, if your keyword density is too high, this will raise a red flag.

Use your keyphrases intuitively to write content that Google will love and people will understand!

Types of Secondary Keyphrases

What are secondary keyphrases? A secondary keyphrase is another on-page keyphrase you can use to:

  • add value to your content and
  • optimize the page for more keywords.

Secondary keyphrases add value to your on-page optimization strategy. The more competitive your main keyphrase, the more important secondary keyphrases become.

There are 2 types of secondary keyphrases:

Linked Keyphrases

Your main keyphrases will become secondary keyphrases for other pages within your site. You will then link each one to the corresponding page. Internal linking is another on-page SEO strategy that will help your website rank.

Non-linked Keyphrases

Non-linked keyphrases will help you rank for other less competitive terms that are related to your content. Use synonyms and long-tail keyphrases sparingly along with your main keyphrase.

Learn More

This quick overview on how to use the right keyphrase strategy will help you get started writing content that will rank. But if you want to get results fast, a Certified SEO Content Writer can add big value to your strategy. Contact us to learn more about how to develop an ongoing content management strategy for your site.


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