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The Truth About Real Estate Website Design, IDX, & SEO

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Real Estate, Uncategorized

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Whether you have an existing website or you’re new to real estate website design, you’ve probably heard of IDX integration. Upon typing the term into your browser search bar, it’s likely you’ve stumbled upon conflicting information on whether or not it’s really necessary.
Just how important is it to include IDX in your real estate website design? Let’s explore some truths about real estate website design, IDX and SEO that may help.

What is IDX integration?

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. Sans the boring gist of it all … IDX integration for real estate simply enables you to integrate listings from the MLS database into the look and feel of your own website.  
Sounds neat, right? But aside from the aesthetic, does IDX integration offer any benefit for SEO and lead generation? How pertinent is it to your real estate marketing strategy?
Here are a few reasons you might want to consider adding IDX integration to your real estate website design:

The Truth About IDX & Visual Appeal

The reality is that IDX integration goes a long way in helping you create a visually appealing website. Real estate website design with IDX integration are typically more elegant, user-friendly, and attractive. As humans, we are all visual creatures. Let’s face it, we like looking at something pretty over something not-as-pretty, especially in the digital realm. But visual appeal is even more important today than ever as you try to reach buyers and sellers in your market. Why? Because the majority of today’s buyers and sellers are millennials – and with this generation, it’s all about the visuals.

The Truth About IDX & SEO

One of the biggest myths floating around right now is that IDX integration does nothing for SEO. This simply is not true. It is true that when a user clicks on the listing on your website they are driving traffic for the MLS listing and not your site. However, there are ways that your website’s SEO ranking can be boosted when you have IDX integration on your site. First, users are more likely to visit your website more often to access the listings directly on your site when you create an enjoyable, user-friendly search experience. The more times they access your site to search, the higher your website’s home page will climb in the search engines. By including other important information on your website such as information for buyers and sellers as well as important real estate resources, visitors are also likely to navigate to other pages of your website. Another way that integrating IDX into your real estate website design will help with SEO is through social media promotion. When you have the listings directly on your site, you link to them on social media, driving more traffic to your site. Since the user will land on your website instead of the MLS database, this gives more opportunity for them to browse other pages on your site. As you can see, IDX integration offers tremendous SEO benefits for a real estate website.

The Truth About IDX & Lead Generation

Let’s get down to the ultimate goal for any real estate website – lead generation. Without generating new leads, web traffic is just … web traffic. How does IDX integration boost lead generation? To generate leads with your website, what do you need to do? Offer your target audience what they are looking for. Whether someone is looking to buy or sell a home, they are looking for listings. IDX integration gives them the listings and provides features that help them easily find the exact properties they are looking for. Not only are you providing them with the answer to their search, but IDX integration also offers a tool that helps you capture those leads through features such as saved searches and favorite listings, forced registration and new listing email alerts.  IDX integration also provides lead management and CRM, making it a seamless tool for obtaining and working your leads.

IDX Integration for Your Real Estate Website Design

Overall, IDX integration can give you a critical edge in today’s very competitive real estate market.  Buyers and sellers have so many choices when choosing a real estate agent. Add IDX integration and see how you become a more visible and viable option to first-time homebuyers and seasoned shoppers alike.

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