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How Law Firms Can Use Marketing Automation to Increase ROI

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Marketing Automation, Prof. Svcs

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Few law firms have been brave enough to really test the waters when it comes to internet technology. There’s good reason for it. Nearly everything lawyers do is highly confidential. There are all kinds of rules and restrictions regarding evidence, testimony, filings, etc. Any error could blow a whole case. But this new technology is making law firms seriously consider utilizing marketing automation techniques to increase ROI.

What’s So Great about Marketing Automation?

When you are reading an article online and a little message pops up asking for your e-mail to subscribe to a newsletter or to read the next article you may be interested in or asking if you need assistance, that’s marketing automation. It takes some of the steps out of the marketing process, allowing users to navigate their way to you across all of your marketing channels including:

  • E-Mail Campaigns
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Website Contact and Follow Up
  • Giveaways and Promotions

With a simple click, you can send out updates to your various online platforms. Without any interaction from you, you can automatically send a prospect that clicked and read one of your blog posts a follow-up e-mail or a Twitter message pointing them to another article on your website that they might like.
The results are so promising across all industries that law firms are experimenting with marketing automation to capture and convert more leads. Lawyers are much more comfortable marketing via e-mail than they are with social media making this a better strategy considering that marketing automation works best with e-mail marketing:

  • Automating your marketing campaigns ensures that you’ll make contact with your prospects at some point when they are in the market for your services. According to one study, the chances of that happening increase by over 130% with marketing automation.
  • Marketing automation allows your platform to automatically cater your e-mail to individuals based on the type of interaction they had with your website. Sending them an e-mail that mentions a page of yours that they just visited gets nearly 20 times the response of general push e-mails. Mentioning their first name in a personalized e-mail generates six times the revenue.
  • Your prospects are almost 120% more likely to open one of your automated emails then a generic e-mail.
  • Perhaps most importantly for law firms seeking to funnel more online browsers to their business, marketing automation through e-mail results in much higher quality leads which in turn results in more conversions.

Building a Relationship of Trust from First Contact

Another reason law firms are suddenly interested in marketing automation is the ability to enhance their brands. When a user comes to your site and is lead from step to step through creative marketing automation, you begin building a relationship of trust from the first contact.
This tool also has backend pluses to help you with brand management by using analytics to figure out who is engaging with your site and how to target your messages better.

Increasing Responsiveness for Super Busy Law Firms

Most law firms don’t have the time to constantly babysit online contacts. Automation saves legal teams time and money by enabling small daily tasks like responding to e-mail contacts, FB messaging, and online assistance requests to be handled automatically without any human interaction.

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