Website – Your First Marketing Tool

by | Oct 26, 2011 | Online Marketing, Seminars

In this high paced online world, it’s not enough to just have a static Houston Web Design for your business. More and more consumers use Search engine, Social Media to find company Websites before making their buying decision. Websites are your business online representations and where you sell your products and services. Basically, websites are your online sales pitch 24×7.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Email Marketing are used to create a traffic funnel to this sales pitch. When the traffic lands on your website it is important to make them feel comfortable, and connected so you can convert them from visitor to a lead.
The major purpose of the website is to attract prospective customers. An integrated, user friendly and functional Website acts as the first marketing tool with high lead generation and conversion rate to increase sales and bottom line. When a functional website is combined with effective Search Engine Optimization it helps in attracting future customers and retain existing customers. Here are different ways to measure your Website marketing efforts to make sure your strategies are working.
A website with high conversion rate helps in building customers and creating opportunities for the business to grow and be successful. You can’t entice today’s customers with yesterday’s Website design and marketing methods and still be in business tomorrow.

One Integrated Strategy

Website in today’s world is not just the static website with pages about you, services, contact form etc. It’s one integrated strategy with Houston Web Design, Blog, Email and Social Media Marketing playing together. Businesses with no Blog and Social Media presence are at major disadvantage in the attracting the prospective customers.

The constant updates in Website, Blog and Social Media content results in Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google helping your website to be found quickly to your future clients. This directly impacts the businesses reach their sales targets.

As a business owner your primary goal is to increase the website traffic and inbound leads. You can get highest return on your investment by having a functional website combined with online marketing efforts to improve lead to prospect conversion rates effectively over time.
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