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How to Increase Your Website's Search Ranking on Google

by | May 24, 2013 | Local Search Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engines

Your product or service is not what you say it is. It’s what Google says it is. 92% of the consumers start with search engines like Google to research local businesses in Houston, The Woodlands and the surrounding areas before making their buying decision. Your website is your 24×7 sales pitch. It’s important to create search engine optimization to rank higher on the search results to create maximum visibility to the potential customers. Customers won’t buy from you if they can’t see you. As simple as that.
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Google changes it’s search algorithm as often as 3 months. They are making it more personalized and streamlined to create better search experience to their consumers (you and me). Search engines emphasize on 2 major aspects when ranking websites.

1. Relevancy

How relevant is  your content for the search terms the customers are searching? Search engines look for relevancy in the content through Keywords, Site map, and related content on the Websites. It’s important to keep your website’s content related to your industry specific search terms also called keywords. The keywords need to be massaged seamlessly into the content. They cannot be stuffed unnecessarily.
Website pages with good keywords’ density within full and meaningful sentences get picked up by Google than ones with less or over used keywords with no meaning. Also, remember, your goal is to make your content easy for your customers. Not Google alone. If your customer can’t understand a word you are saying then the purpose of increasing the rankings on Google will be totally defeated. Conversions are the key to any website traffic.
Keywords and proper content strategy can help in attracting targeted traffic to your website, hence resulting in bigger conversions. So, keep the content simple and relevant to attract both Google and your potential customers.

2. Time stamp

This factor is major to search rankings. Search engines are looking for fresh and current content. They look for your content’s published time stamp. When is it written?  Is it a year ago, a month ago, a week ago, a day ago, an hour ago matters to Search engines. The fresher the content the better ranking. Google does not want to show stale information to it’s consumers. Would you prefer to see yesterday’s content or 6 months’ old content when searching on Google? Keep it current. Keep it real time.
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Use Blogs and Social Media to provide fresh and latest content to your audience. Your website pages are mostly meant to be static. Your company’s, services’ and contact information does not change very often. But your business does. Use Blogs and Social Media to create fresh content about your success stories, case studies, new product releases, local events, community involvement and benefits of your product or services.
Create an opportunity to stay connected with your audience with latest information.
When you keep your customers informed about your business with real time information it helps them to know you more. That’s create trust which is the first step to any buying decision. So, keep telling your story because we all love to hear your stories (including Google).