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How to Get Better Results with Email Marketing

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Marketing

How to Get Better Results with Email Marketing, ITVibes, Inc. Spring, TX

Many online companies are making use of email messaging to reach their clients, as a way to promote products and services outside of social media. However, there’s a carefully planned way to go about starting an email marketing campaign to get the best results out of it in the long run.
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The best way to get noticeable results from your email marketing campaigns is to find a message style that works best for your company and followers, run tests on what works and what doesn’t, and keep your audience connected to your objectives. Let’s take a look at some email marketing best practices to use for your business.  

Keep Messages Clear & Concise

With human attention spans on a steady decline, it’s best to keep your email content simple and straight to the point. Have a clear call to action, repeated two or three various ways throughout the message, that your readers can acknowledge from the second they open your email. This call to action should be the ONLY message you want to send–you don’t want to be offering multiple products or services in your promotional emails. Stick to one subject per email so that your subscribers are not overwhelmed by the different offers that you are presenting them with.

Pro Tip: Grab the subscriber’s attention from their inbox with eye-catching email subject lines, and keep them scrolling through the end of your message by including attractive and fitting images.

Optimize Emails Through Testing

Any campaign you start for your business will need to go through various tests to be optimized accordingly. Enable tracking on your emails so you can see the click-through rate of your campaign and adjust your emails cadence to see what is working the best for your subscribers and what isn’t getting a high enough conversion rate. Link images for more email clicks–most people are likely to open and click on an image to follow a link.
Running tests on your content, frequency, and timing will allow you to get an in-depth understanding of how your email marketing campaigns should be performing. Try modifying the message incentives slightly to see which changes come with the most clicks. Relate your email designs as closely as possible to your landing pages for a more highly optimized approach.

Engage With Your Audience

Your loyal followers who show your brand the most support deserve a personal greeting for each promotional email they receive. You can use an automatic personalization tool to email clients using their first name–instead of using the standard ‘Dear Member’. Giving incentives to your audience, such as offering 10% off of products for a limited time, increases open rates and the chance for conversion. You can also better connect with your audience by offering a plain text option for your email templates and optimizing the email’s settings for mobile devices. Keep your followers up to date with your email marketing campaign by sending reminders, sparingly, about current promotions they may have missed out on.


At the end of the day, the best practices for email marketing are always going to be updating and improving to see results. Always monitor your campaigns and run tests to see how your followers are reacting and what you should continue doing for your brand. New ideas will come and go, giving you endless options for bettering your email campaigns.
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