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You Can No Longer Ignore the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Your Cause
When you’re running a non-profit organization, developing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy may seem out of reach. Maybe you’re already stretching your budget to hold fancy charity events and can’t afford to invest in nonprofit digital marketing solutions. Perhaps, you lack the resources to hire an SEO expert and nobody in your organization seems to have the slightest clue what SEO even means.
Whatever the reason may be, choosing to forgo SEO for your nonprofit organization can cost you the exact donations you’re looking to get.

5 Easy SEO Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

It’s time to wake up to the benefits of search engine optimization. Use these easy SEO tips for nonprofit organizations to attract the right people to your cause and drive these supporters to your website.

1) Make Sure Your Website is Ready

Before you can get started with a winning SEO strategy, you must first make sure your website can support it. It’s not enough to “just get something up”, which seems to be a common mantra heard among nonprofit organizations. Investing in a beautiful design may seem to offer a total solution, but will not get the attention of search engines. If you want to gain a coveted position in search engine results, your site must be optimized for SEO. This is the first step in the SEO process and gets your site ready to be organically ranked by Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest of the search engines.

2) Use Content to Continue Your Organic SEO Strategy

Once your website has been fully developed and optimized, you can use your blog to start with an organic SEO strategy. Position your content to answer some of the most popular search queries related to your cause. This will help you rank as a credible source to give these people the information they are looking for.

3) Find Out if You’re Eligible for a Google Adwords Grant

Not many are aware of Google’s services for nonprofit organizations. But did you know that they give free advertising dollars to qualified nonprofits around the world? Learn more about Google for nonprofits and find out if you’re eligible to reap the benefits of paid advertising for free.

4) Learn & Use Social Media Consistently

Connect with your intended audience through social media. Just like Google, social media companies like Facebook offer services for nonprofits to help raise awareness, connect with those who care about your specific cause and raise funds to support your organization. Additionally, social media platforms have their own search engines. The more you interact with your social media audience and post relevant content related to your cause, the more visible you will become within that specific platform.

5) Monitor Your Results & Adjust as Needed

Finally, you must monitor your SEO results. Track both your website activity and the number of people calling and visiting your organization as a result of seeing you online. This will allow you to find out what’s working, what’s not working and make adjustments to your strategy for better results.

Source Your SEO Strategy

While these SEO tips for nonprofit organizations are a great place to start, you may still have many questions on how to take the first steps. A content management team can help you evaluate your website, do your keyword research, and develop a consistent strategy to get the results you need to make a difference.

Learn More

With a heart full of gold and people rallied around your cause, you can make a big impact on those you seek to help. But changing the world won’t be easy if you can’t be found. Contact us to learn more about how you can develop a solid SEO strategy to increase online visibility for your organization.