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7 Easy Valentine's Gifts for the Tech Lover in Your Life

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Modern Technology

Love is in the air this month and it’s not too late to get your Valentine’s Day gifts. If you’re shopping for someone who is obsessed with technology, finding the perfect gift idea can be intimidating. Don’t worry! We have your guide to geek gifts this Valentine’s Day. 
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What Are the Best Gifts for Tech Geeks? 

Depending on who the geek is in your life, and what your budget is, there are tons of cool gifts to impress your honey. Whether they love Star Wars, film, or video games, there’s something for everyone in this article. From practical to cute, here’s your guide to sweet tech gifts. 

  1. Ergonomic Keyboard
  2. Vintage Game System
  3. Bitmoji Merch from Snapchat
  4. Mobile Film Printer
  5. Portable Charger
  6. Star Wars Toaster
  7. Video Games Socks

1) Ergonomic Keyboard

If you work at a desk all day, you know how sore your hands and wrists can get from typing all day. An ergonomic keyboard positions your hands in their natural position to alleviate the strain on your joints and muscles. Check out The Best Ergonomic Keyboards from Business Insider.

2) Vintage Game System

Who doesn’t love game consoles from the 90’s? This nostalgic gift is perfect for the gamer in your life. From Sega Genesis to the Nintendo NES System, the options are limitless. Check out these Retro Gaming Consoles from GameStop.

3) Bitmoji Merch from Snapchat

If you haven’t created a Bitmoji on Snapchat yet, you’re missing out! The adorable avatars are completely customizable to look just like you. You can choose from coffee cups, t-shirts, stickers, and even phone cases! To access the Snap Store, you must first create and link your Bitmoji. Once you do that, select the profile button in the top-left corner, and then select the gears icon in the top-right corner. Finally, select the Snap Store. 
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Pro Tip: The Bitmoji Snapchat Store is a quick and easy way to get a personalized Valentine’s gift for your partner. 

4) Mobile Film Printer

We’ve all seen the vintage-like printers and cameras that instantly print photos that look like polaroids. This Kodak Mini Shot Wireless Instant Digital Camera is a modern take on this. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, you can send your images to your phone or straight to the mini printer. You can choose from a variety of colors including, black, white, purple, pink, yellow, and blue. 

5) Portable Charger

In the fast-paced world we live in, it can be difficult to keep your phone charged. With a portable charger, you won’t have to stress about finding an outlet. Instead, use a reliable wireless charger. Check out The Best Portable Battery Chargers from Digital Trends

6) Star Wars Toaster

Okay, but seriously, who wouldn’t want a Star Wars toaster? This Storm Trooper Toaster from Williams Sonoma prints your toast with the Imperial Crest. Not only is it a novelty, but it’s also completely functional with the ability to toast bread, waffles, English muffins and bagels in your perfect crispy shade. 

7) Video Games Socks

For a less-expensive gift for your crush or a new relationship, these Video Game Master Socks are ideal. If video games aren’t your cup of tea, there’s also cartoon character, sloth socks, and much more to choose from at the Sock Spot.

A Tech-Lovers’ Dream

Impress your boo this Valentine’s Day with one of these clever, yet thoughtful gifts. Interested in learning more about modern tech trends? Join the conversation to speak with our tech-loving digital marketing team.