How to Use Marketing Automation to Track Your ROI


It’s often been extremely tough for upper-level management to check how marketing campaigns affect their ROI (return on investment). Marketing itself has an interesting relationship with public relations; while you want to create a good impression with your marketing, impressions aren’t enough–you want to create sales. Marketing automation can not only help you increase ROI, it can help you track it as well. There are a few simple ways to utilize your marketing automation strategies correctly to maximize your return.

Use CRM Software

The term CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is essentially a process that analyzes the relationship between customers and companies, throughout all stages, even before the customer is a viable lead. Running CRM software and principles does require a human touch; it is not strictly automated. You’ll need a strong team of data analyzers and specialists to help table the results and add data to spreadsheets, but the automated data itself can show you exactly where you need to improve your marketing automation strategies, and where you’re already getting significant ROI.

Track Data Daily

Obviously, you’re using some kind of software daily to help you push your marketing automation strategies. Whether this software takes you to the arena of social media platforms or your campaign is done strictly by email, the software you’re using has a dashboard. It’s a good idea to become just as familiar with this dashboard and its numbers/charts as your data team is. This way, instead of waiting for weekly reports from your CRM software, you can take a look at daily analytics to see how you’re performing in real-time. If your marketing automation software is not user-friendly, it’s probably time for a changeup.

Procure Leads with Software

There are several levels of using marketing automation to create ROI. In part, you want to use automation to track sales, changes, and so forth, but you also want to use automation to generate viable leads. Essentially, you want to create a lead magnet wherever you have a presence on the web. One of the easiest ways to do this is by implementing a contact form on a popup or on your website. Once you have the potential customer’s data, you have a viable lead.

Take Advantage of All Marketing Automation Features

Take full advantage of the software you’re using by examining all marketing prospects it offers you. For example, if you do marketing automation chiefly by email, it’s time to expand your social media presence on the web. Most marketing automation software can do that. It’s also a good idea to use SEO tools and keywords. While this task requires some human intervention, once it’s implemented, most SEO functions can be handled by automation. Branching out is a great way to increase your ROI.

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