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Marketing Automation & CRM Integration: The Benefits of This Powerful Pair

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Marketing Automation

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Pairing marketing automation and CRM integration together may seem like a natural grouping for some. For others who have not yet begun to integrate the two, it is a powerful, efficient, and necessary way to reach clients–especially as digital marketing continues to grow in the business world.
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Marketing. In many ways, it’s an efficient use of software, allowing your sales team to use, store, and evaluate data more efficiently so that sales are more sensibly targeted. While CRM software deals with the sales side of things, marketing automation deals with the marketing side of things. Combining the two packs a powerful punch, and is becoming more and more profitable for many businesses. There are a few reasons syncing them is beneficial.

Prioritizing Leads

Through trial and error, you’ve most certainly found out that not all leads are the same. Combining CRM software and marketing automation allows you to sign each lead a score. You’re essentially guessing at their profitability, but this is an educated guess. This is also a good way to keep the sales and the marketing team on the same page, and promotes the sharing of information, leading to a more profitable goal.

Using Ready-to-Buy Leads

Prioritizing leads also helps you naturally send leads to the sales team that are sales-ready. This makes the job for the sales team a bit easier. Customers or clients still on the fence have a score that reflects this fact, while sales-ready leads are sent to the sales team. If a lead isn’t quite prepared to talk to the sales team, chances of an actual sale are a bit less. Thoroughly curating the lead while it’s in the marketing aspect of the game promotes a much better outcome.

Marketing Automation Alerts

Once you’ve sent marketing through automation, you can set up your software to send a specific alert to the sales team when a lead performs in a certain way. Beyond just the sales team looking through a database with assigned values, this alert notifies the sales team and helps them take it to the next level. Ultimately, the goal is to produce the sale. Integrated CRM and marketing automation together helps you set up these alerts so that everyone is on the same page.

Campaigns on the Same Page

Combining CRM and automation also allows the campaigns to always be on the same page. Too often, the marketing team and sales team are simply not synced well together. With integration, you increase ROI with less confusion, more efficiency, and more conversions because of integration.

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