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How To Make Marketing Automation Work In The Finance Industry

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Financial institutions are working hard to maintain a modern way of business in this fast-paced digital era. One way of staying up to speed is by implementing marketing automation, which makes automated tasks such as emails, follow-up correspondences, and other actions must easier. Marketing automation is a software combined with strategic tactics designed to build and nurture prospects with personalized, valuable content that will help convert prospects into satisfied customers.

Marketing Automation In Finance 

The outlook for financial companies using marketing automation can result in 70% faster sales cycle times and a 54% increase in quota achievement. Want to increase your ROI? Consider using these industry-targeted techniques for your marketing automation strategy.

Email Automation

With email automation, campaigns can be created in advance appealing to new and returning customers. These automated emails pull content from your website based on a variety of measures such as location, time and/or customer behaviors so that you are delivering emails that are updated with new and fresh content while also saving you time and resources. Email automation allows you to deliver personalized and valuable content to prospects in the buying cycle.

Landing Pages

This is when a consumer requests more information about a product and/or service via a landing page from a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. Landing pages recognize an event in real-time which is simple, yet important. These landing pages can also be added to your website when prompting users to download a free e-book, webinar, or other lead capturing methods.

A/B Testing For Landing Pages

An A/B test will help you evaluate which image or headline to use on your landing pages to produce the best results. You’re able to show half of your prospects one version and show the other half the second version, and then evaluate which landing page brings the highest conversion rate.

Auto Responders

Confirmation emails can be sent, as can requested content whenever your visitors need it.

Social Media Shares

There are a few social sharing solutions that allow your business to send out automated, thought out social updates to promote your content. Social media sharing is very valuable right now and will help your financial company stay up-to-date. Social media sharing is an effective brand management technique to help your company stay relevant and push out updated content to your prospective customers.

Segment and Prioritize Contact Lists

When your company is able to build lists based on pre-defined factors, then you can create a segmented list of your contacts. You can segment your contacts by, for example, new leads, reoccurring visitors, or hot prospects.

Progressive Profiling

This method captures a bigger variety of lead information with each short form. Demographics like age, gross annual income, address, and other items can be gathered for data purposes.

Lead Scoring

Your sales team can be alerted and informed when a prospect is ready to engage. Scoring systems are automated systems that score your leads as they make their way to your sales team. The more interaction from a prospect, the higher their lead score. A high lead score equals a hot lead that will most likely convert!


Reporting is a great way to track how your website and marketing tactics are performing. Analyzing performance reports can help your content management methods so you can track which content is bringing through the most traffic and what is best resonating with clients.

A Marketing Automation Specialist

Marketing automation solutions can help your financial company promote valuable and personalized content. Contact ITVibes today and learn more about the marketing automation services that we provide for Houston area businesses.