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7 Signs Your Marketing Isn't Data-driven

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Marketing Automation

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(Note: This will be an ongoing series with a total of seven posts.) 
Just about everyone says they’re all about having their decisions be driven by data. By this they mean they want to understand their customers’ (and prospects’) behavior when they are visiting the business website. They want this because they want to see the data that tells them why and how a campaign was successful or not, as it impacts their overall goals. 
But is that really happening?
Marketing has to leverage data from many systems such as CRM, marketing automation, etc., and tracking the digital analytics. Today, it’s important to collect the right data, be able to analyze and share that data, and then quickly turn that information into actions that will help the business reach its goals. 
It just sounds so simple right? (But it’s not.)
We’re going to be presenting 7 signs your marketing isn’t data-driven over the course of this series. Here’s the first one:


Think about it. You and/or your team spends hours planning product launches, creating content, setting up campaigns, etc., and so much more. But is measurement being included in those planning sessions? If not, that is a red flag.
Why? If your website has a landing page for visitors to download a specific piece of content, you’re probably going to spend time and money to promote that piece of content. How will you know which channel drove the most traffic (and thus the most leads) if you DON’T MEASURE? How will you know what to adjust in your marketing plan for the next campaign if you don’t know what worked and what didn’t, i.e., what people responded to?


Step one is to begin building a culture of measurement. To do this, start by identifying the measurement areas that give your team the most insight. Ask what is most important to your business. Look at the areas where the decisions being made without data. 
Then, focus on campaign measurement by having a strategy that uses tracking codes so you can see what pages and information people are viewing. It will also help you see what is happening with the money you spent.
Finally, identify benchmarks from past campaigns and set goals based on those numbers.
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