6 Questions To Ask Before Investing In Marketing Automation


Deciding to invest in a marketing automation platform is a big step. You have to invest not only money but also time to learn the software, train employees, and determine how it will work best for your company. You probably have lots of questions, but don’t wait to ask. Once you have found a potential marketing automation company, request a demo to view their platform and to learn what services are included. This is the perfect time to have a list of questions ready for the presenter. What should you ask? Try starting with these six questions.

1. Is training included?

Although learning a new software may seem daunting, begin able to get training support can help relieve some time and stress. Ask about the company’s training policies and if it’s included with your purchase. Try to get an understanding of what type of training they provide. Is it through a webinar or online screen share system? Will a representative be able to visit your office to train staff members? Determine your company’s needs when getting answers to this question.

2. What support will I get?

You need reassurance that once the training phase is completed, you won’t be left alone. Partner with a marketing automation company who will provide lifetime customer support. If you run into future problems or technical errors, you have a reliable contact who will guide you towards a solution. This will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also free-up time from your IT staff who otherwise may have to fix these issues themselves.

3. Can other software programs be integrated?

You need an automation platform that will give you versatility, which comes in the form of integration capabilities. Ask if your CRM can be connected to the automation software, so you don’t have to use two different systems. This will maximize efficiency by providing everything under one dashboard view. While you may still need to use your CRM separately, integrating it will allow both programs to communicate.

Usually, marketing automation software also allows integration of Google Analytics, and perhaps, other programs. Make sure to ask about integrating all of the major systems your company uses.

4. Will I be able to customize it?

Customization should be one of the highlights during your discussion. Make sure your branding will be on emails, templates, images, and everything in between. The marketing automation company shouldn’t have their brand visible to your clients.

Also, talk about customizing settings, colors, emails, workflows, and more. Every step should be both accessible and customizable. As business goals change, your software needs to have the ability to be tweaked as well.

5. Is there a reporting function?

A major part of marketing automation is reporting and analytics. Tracking and measuring campaigns, website activity data, workflow performance, and sales reports are all necessary metrics to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. Make sure to ask the sales representative about accessibility and customization with these reporting functions.

6. What makes this marketing automation software different from others? Why should I choose you?

Finally, why should you choose this company over the hundreds of other competitors? What makes them different? Research the vendor to determine the answer and also ask the sales rep. There should be something they are offering that can’t be found elsewhere. Maybe the company is local, or they have 24/7 customer support. Align their services with your business goals.

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Alyssa is a web content writer and SEO manager at ITVibes in The Woodlands, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in print journalism and psychology where her passion for writing evolved. Now she uses that talent to help people grow their business online. Alyssa enjoys spending time with family, warm summer days, and reading new books.