5 Lead Nurturing Techniques For Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Ever signed up for a newsletter and yet every time you visit that site or click an e-mail link to a new article they’ve posted you get the same subscription offer? That’s an example of marketing automation that is close, but no cigar.

Most potential leads browse your website, check out your Facebook account and then wait a few days or even weeks before they are ever ready to buy anything or subscribe. How do you get them from that point to the purchase point? Lead nurturing.

Marketing Automation should Enhance Lead Nurturing Techniques

Lead nurturing is an essential step in brand management. It’s designed to convert prospects gently and naturally from casual visitors into paying customers or loyal followers. If they’ve already subscribed to your newsletter, your automation strategy should take that into account. After a user subscribes, on their next visit to your site, the automated message should be geared to take them to the next step, not to ask them to do what they’ve already done!

5 Lead Nurturing + Marketing Automation Techniques

The consumer that comes to your website for the first time and makes a purchase immediately makes up less than 10% of your typical website visitors. According to Forrester Research, a full 90% of them are going to need a little more convincing and to learn more about your business before they are ready to go all in. Here are 5 lead nurturing techniques that work in tandem with marketing automation to boost your overall marketing strategy.

1. Spread your marketing campaign across at least 7 different channels

Use automated posts through your most effective social media channels to push your message and brand. For instance, for your top or weekly blog posts, link it to a marketing automation strategy that posts a quick Tweet or Facebook highlighting the post with a CTA linking back to the full blog post.

2. Use a variety of different e-mail campaigns combined that require action

Optimize personalized e-mails by automating posts based on behavioral responses. For instance, when a visitor to your website downloads your e-book for free, they should get an automated e-mail response thanking them and asking them to do something, i.e.:

  • “Share this Book”
  • “Sign Up for Our Newsletter”
  • “Here’s Something Else You May Like”
  • “Refer a Friend and Enter Our Sweepstakes”

E-mails for people who are already newsletter subscribers should get a different thank you message from someone who is making their first contact with you. To you regular subscribers, say something like, “Your book is on the way! Thanks for being a loyal subscriber to our newsletter!”

For newcomers, the automated message should also be personalized and say something like, “Tom, your book is on the way! Welcome to our family. Make sure to click here to sign up for our newsletter now…” This strategy works whether you are promoting an event, hosting a webinar, or offering a free download or trial.

3. Make voice contact when the time is right

Evidence shows that the highest conversion rates come when businesses make contact within 24 hours after initial contact. But when to actually pick up the phone and make a voice to voice call happens as you’ve already established some trust through a series of lead nurturing techniques.

4. Always reinforce your brand while employing a lead nurturing technique

When you share videos in your e-mail marketing campaign, make sure that when it’s clicked, it links to your own social media page or website where they will see your other content. An automated message should lead them to the next thing that you know will interest them once the video ends.

5. Use data analysis to target your marketing automation strategy

You can learn a lot about your prospects before you ever make contact using adequate Houston SEO targeting in your content and e-mail campaigns. You’ll see what key phrases garnered the biggest responses and which posts got the most likes. Follow up with a smart automation strategy that takes that analysis into account.

Get Help with Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation

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Alyssa is a web content writer and SEO manager at ITVibes in The Woodlands, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in print journalism and psychology where her passion for writing evolved. Now she uses that talent to help people grow their business online. Alyssa enjoys spending time with family, warm summer days, and reading new books.

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