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4 Reasons Nonprofits Should Use Marketing Automation

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Who’s got money? Donors do. That’s why relationships with donors are the cornerstone of nonprofits. Without donors, nonprofits wouldn’t find any success in their fundraising efforts. Marketing automation will help your nonprofit maintain its relationships with donors through the use of personalized and useful content.

Marketing Automation & Nonprofits

 Automatically send custom and relevant information

Find out which people are donating and expressing interest in your nonprofit and its mission. Segment out the people who are sharing your posts on social media. These people are the ones you want to stick around. Therefore, you need to engage with them, thank them, and encourage them to do more. Marketing automation helps your nonprofit in sending content that you know your audience will enjoy and appreciate, which will up your chances of seeing those donors becoming recurring donors.

Segment your audience

Getting to know your audience is key. By implementing the marketing automation strategy of segmentation, you will have the capability to separate out and talk to different groups of people in the most appropriate and effective way possible. You need to speak differently to new donors than you would to recurring donors. Create donor profiles and segment your email list based off of those profiles. You can automate which message is sent to which donor based on their profile.

Use one marketing automation system

Using multiple systems to schedule, send out and analyze content is a waste of time and resources. By using one system for all of these tasks, you can streamline your strategy for donor engagement. Keep your efforts more sustainable and save valuable time by putting all of your strategies and tasks in one place. Use your email marketing service provider to build campaigns complete with specific timelines and schedule out send dates. The work put into setting this up may seem like a lot, but it will save you an incredible amount of time and energy in the long run.

Provide people with a reason to donate

While it’s common knowledge that donating to nonprofit causes is important, people are more likely to act upon their urge to give back when they are reminded of why they should give. By creating a list of reasons to donate and promoting those lists on your nonprofit’s website and social media sites, you are implementing a marketing automation method that will encourage your audience to donate.
Try to focus on how a donation can impact and positively benefit a person in need. Create a dramatic impact and share with your donors how exactly their money will be used. Schedule out your content, hit the right audience, and get those donors to share your messages with other potential donors.
Marketing automation is a key to unlocking success within the nonprofit industry. This strategy of customized and targeted messaging will help increase your volunteer numbers, boost donations, and help you maintain a stable donor database. Contact ITVibes to provide marketing automation services for Houston area businesses.