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5 Local SEO Tips You May Not Have Known

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Content Marketing, Local SEO, search engine optimization

5 Local SEO Tips You May Not Have Known, The Woodlands, TX

When designing a website for your business, search engine optimization is key. It’s the difference between a great website that gets lost and one that can be easily found by prospective clients. If you want a better chance of your website being discovered by organic Google searches, make sure you’re implementing these local SEO tips. 
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5 Local SEO Tips You May Not Have Known, ITVibes Design & Marketing, The Woodlands, TX

You Better Write These Down

No, for real. Write these tips down. If you’re reading this page, you probably know how to use keywords and claim business listings. But what about your site speed? Or, what about your Google My Business listing? As you’re optimizing your site for local SEO, keep these 5 tips in mind.

  1. Start Building Those Links
  2. Make Separate Location Pages
  3. Ramp Up Your Site’s Speed
  4. Optimize Your Facebook Business Page 
  5. Post to Google My Business

1) Start Building Those Links

As you write blog posts and content for your service pages, adding backlinks is a never-ending task. However, it’s tested and proven to give your site authority in the eyes of Google. To succeed, make sure your website is providing content that others will actually want to link to. If you’re creating valuable content, the next step is to build links. Reach out to reputable websites or directories to see if they’d be willing to partner with you by linking to your website.

2) Make Separate Location Pages

The search algorithm in Google is very intuitive, but it’s based on information that can be validated. If you have multiple locations, it’s vital for your local SEO to make separate pages for each location. By splitting up the address information and creating unique URLs for each location, Google will associate your business with each location individually. 

Pro Tip: If your business offers services to different cities in your area, be sure to include a variety of your location names in your blog titles, posts, and meta descriptions.

3) Ramp Up Your Site’s Speed

If your website has a lagging load speed, you’ll end up leaving users frustrated and disinterested with your content. In return, users will likely leave your website and peruse the site of a different business. Unfortunately, losing web traffic can directly impact your SEO ranking by decreasing your visibility. If you want to create a website that appears in local search rankings, pay attention to your site’s quality and work to improve any technical issues. 

4) Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

When users search for your business, it’s natural for your connected Facebook page to appear in the search results alongside your website. As you create your website, don’t neglect the content listed on your Facebook page. By adding your products, services, address, and phone number to your Facebook page, your business will be seen as a reputable source. Through posts shares and link building, your social media presence will inevitably increase your authenticity with Google.

5) Post to Google My Business

If you’ve used Google to search for any service or product, you’re probably accustomed to seeing a Google My Business listing appear at the top of the search results. If you don’t have ownership of your listing, it’s important to claim your business so that you can monitor your local listing. To take it a step further, you can also post to your Google page. Using specific keywords, you can enhance your ranking by submitting Google posts that will validate your services.

Maintaining Local SEO

Designing your website for local SEO is important and shouldn’t be overlooked, but what about after the site goes live? To make sure local customers will be able to find your business, it’s important to have a content maintenance plan. Keeping local SEO strategies in mind will ensure that your local business will continue to stand against the competition.
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