Writing a Landing Page That Converts

Writing a Landing Page That Converts, ITVibes, Inc. Spring, TX

Landing pages are an effective tool used in digital marketing for lead generation. The overall goal of a landing page is to convert the page visitor into a sale for your business. While the concept is simple, having a high conversion rate on a landing page is done through essential but tedious content marketing strategies. 
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So how do you get website visitors to convert once they’ve landed on your website? While it depends to some extent on the consumer demographic, there are rules you can apply to your writing techniques which will boost your conversion rates in no time! Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors that make a landing page convert accordingly.

The Power of Social Proof

What’s better proof of a great product than a happy customer? Let your testimonials do the talking for you. If you’ve got great reviews coming in through Google and other social media platforms, you should be posting them on your landing pages for new leads to see! Consumers are more likely to trust your brand if you’ve got proof of other satisfied clients under your belt. Using social proof in your online marketing strategy is a great tool for conversion rate optimization

Remember to Sell, Not Tell

Think about the pain points that your potential customers have and how you can resolve their issue better than your competitor can. Focus on the benefits that clients are getting out of your product or service instead of explaining to them what it is your product does. If they’ve come to your landing page, chances are they already know what it is they’re looking for. Your job, once your target audience has reached your landing page copy, is simply to make them click the CTA button you’ve provided them with. 

Pro Tip: Use bullet points in your landing pages to simplify information. You want your page visitor to get what your service is without having to read too much! 

Create a Call to Action You Can Count On

When writing blog posts, use a call to action at the end so that your reader knows to follow social media to see related posts. In a sense, the act of reading a blog, clicking on the link to social media, and following the account is similar to a conversion. The reader enjoyed the blog, and so when prompted to follow for more, they completed the action. 
When you’re creating your landing page, have a clear call to action that everything in the page can revolve around. For example, “Get a Free Quote” prompts the customer to want their free quote on your service once they understand the benefits that they will get out of it. By clicking the button and filling out the fields, your page visitor has now been converted into a potential sale!

Writing a High-Converting Landing Page

At the end of the day, boosting your landing page conversion rates will take lots of practice and testing to get just right. Remember to promote yourself on social media and ask for reviews from satisfied customers so that you always have new social proof for your pages. Keep your writing simple and focus on the benefits of your product, not the description of it. And lastly, have a clear call to action that will help your page flow to its end goal.
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