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Networking is the New Branding

by | Feb 10, 2010 | Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Social Media Branding

This is a continuation to blog post 'Have you spread the word out?'. Social Media is the new wave of networking. Understand, Strategize, and Build your Social Media presence to take advantage of the effectiveness in reaching out to real people.

Companies are using Social Media to create awareness to their services, products, to publish company updates and simultaneously to receive feedback to improve their offerings. Small businesses are embarking into implementing Social Media to streamline their Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, and Customer Service and to energize their Business' online presence.

Here are few sites that have changed the Social Media scene completely:

  • Build loyalty platform: Business owners and professionals have realized the power in business networking on Facebook. Business pages also called as Fan pages are used to create branding awareness and also to connect with customers on a regular basis. Businesses started taking advantage in posting their product information, service promises, new releases or company updates in these pages. This became more valuable when Google and Bing announced they would be indexing Facebook fan pages in search results.
  • Reach them repeatedly. Reach them fast. Twitter is the new way of faster communication. It is a micro-blogging service that changed the entire way the people on internet could interact. Now businesses have quickly adopted this to gain followers, and to publish quick products, services and information regarding their companies and commitments. Few businesses extensively use this tool for customer support, marketing and promotions. With as less as 140 character updates, you can make a very big impact quickly and particularly the updates are indexed by Google and Bing.
  • Professional to Professional: LinkedIn is a peer-to-peer, professional networking site. This is a great networking place for many professionals to stay connected with other professionals in the same line, and to share information over the areas of interest. LinkedIn is becoming the new job marketing place, with more and more companies looking to recruit employees or consultants based on their profile and involvement in here. The connections, groups, recommendations, and activities define your professional and work ethics.
  • Blogging to the top! Blogs have become powerful content publishing mediums, to connect with visitors, and to interact with networks. Blogs are becoming back bones to business websites to create a high profile, dynamic and bolder web presence. When you are online, it is all about the content that helps in great organic optimization for greater search results. Blogs integrate all the Social Media feeds to create one dynamic content ground for businesses.
  • Get Viral: If you are in marketing world you know what this means. YouTube is a free video service that lets you upload videos and reuse them on your website, blog, or other social media sites. YouTube has become the source for businesses to show case and to self broadcast information, capabilities, and strategies. This is also taking the blogging world into a new level of video blogging which is also called Vlogging.

Integrating all these Social Media feeds into your Website, Blog, and vice versa is the new Branding and Social Media Marketing. This helps to keep your visitors, clients and prospects in loop and eventually creates a powerful online branding.