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Business Website Marketing Techniques

by | Oct 11, 2010 | Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Social Media Branding

Website SEO Just finished up with a seminar presentation at ‘Small Business Marketing Roundtable‘ in The Woodlands, which is conducted by Capitol One Bank and SCORE Houston. It went very well with great audience asking questions and interacting at every stage of the presentation. Here are the pictures from the seminar.
In this article let’s talk about Business Website Marketing techniques. Did you just get a new website or redesign your current website for your business. There are hundreds of websites that go live in a day. Not necessarily people are going to jump on your website the very next day you went live.
What are you doing to make your website found when potential customers are looking for your services? So, the right question to ask oneself is, Have you spread the word out?Before you start spreading the word out, make sure your website is setup as an online visitor magnet and is ready to maximize the visitor to lead conversion rate. Here are few Marketing techniques to follow to answer the question.
Primarily your goal is to build SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your website so when people search on Google or other search engines using few keywords can find your website in the search results. (You may also check my presentation video on this topic below).

Email Marketing

Email marketing is gaining much popularity as more and more businesses reach out to their customers, and leads through periodical emails, campaigns and newsletters. It is cheap, effective and easy. Learn more about it. Email Marketing for your business:

  • Reach out to your contacts/customers periodically
  • Provide quick updates & new products/services information
  • Send success stories to build loyalty
  • Publish on Social Media to share it with other networks
  • Gain bigger ROI as it is very cost-effective than Print media

Social Media Marketing

Social Media for small businesses is all about involving in conversations, building relationships, and networks. Indirectly, Social Media also builds Organic Search Engine Optimization for your website. Learn more about it. Social Media marketing for your business:

  • Emerged as a powerful marketing & PR tool
  • Redefined ROI as Return On Influence
  • Helps in building Networks and Social Branding
  • Dominates traditional marketing on ROI and in cost effectiveness
  • Builds Organic Search Engine Optimization for Google and Bing

Local Networking

Local networking is a great way to meet local businesses and have an opportunity to share information, knowledge and build relationships. The local networking helps in referral marketing and help build mailing lists for your email marketing. Here are different ways to participate with other business locally:

  • Business Groups
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Breakfast networking or Business After Hours
  • Professionals Network
  • Tweetups – Twitter meetups, mostly local
  • Coffee Mixers

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