21st Century Marketing Combines Social, Mobile and Local to Attract New Customers

Sales pitches are all the same. Everyone says ‘I am the best in the market and so hire me’. Let’s admit. Sales pitches are boring. If you want your consumers to notice you, you have to do something different and interesting to make you stand out in the crowd.

You can’t say the same things anymore that you been saying for years. Consumers are looking for brand awareness, product benefits, value propositions and service promise. Not your 30 sec elevator pitches. People like to do business with people they know and someone they can trust. Not someone they just met.

Stop Selling. Start Solving.

The first step to creating a better brand recognition is building loyal audience. People like stories. Every business has a story. Rather than talking about your product or a service, share information about the value of your offerings and success stories. People don’t really care what you sell if it didn’t mean anything to them. They want to know what’s in it for them.
Below are 3 ways to attract new generation customers and be successful in business:

Be Social

This is 21st century. We are dealing with Gen Y customers whose needs, ideas, thoughts, hang out places, likes, dislikes and purchasing behavior is totally different. Social Media is their hang out place to create social circle of friends, and businesses they want to work with. 78% of the consumers now depend on recommendations from their friends and family before making their buying decision. If they don’t see you, they don’t know you and they don’t want to do business with you. Remember, Social media is the new word of mouth online.

Go Mobile

Smart phone usage is in the rise. As more and more consumers now use smart phones regularly for their daily activities, it has become imperative for businesses to create a streamlined mobile marketing. Mobile consumers are the new generation target customers. 68% of the consumers make a buying decision within an hour of searching on their smart phone. It is important to create optimized mobile presence to get found on Search Engines and to close a deal quicker.

Stay Local

89% of the searches on Google are related to local content and businesses. People like to work with local businesses who understand local markets, target audience and industry trends. Search engines give importance to local search results for this reason. Creating local search optimization strategies result in bigger brand exposure to attract new customers and also local referral marketing opportunities. Social Media and Mobile marketing strategies are fully integrated to the Local Search Marketing for better lead generation opportunities.
Know your audience. Evaluate your resources. Take action and close. Don’t let your competition get them first.