Spring-Klein Chamber of Commerce Announces New Website

The Spring-Klein Chamber of Commerce has announced that they have gone live with their newly redesigned website, which was built by ITVibes, a Brand Management and Web Development company, located in Houston, Texas.
The Chamber needed something new and innovative that provided their members with a lot of different options, according to the Spring-Klein Chamber President, Myeshi Briley.
Briley was introduced to Siva Yenneti, President and Co-Founder of ITVibes, through one of the Chamber’s Lunch and Learn events. “ITVibes has sponsored several of our workshops,” said Briley.
They looked at numerous web design companies in the area but they chose ITVibes because they liked some of the components they offered, such as allowing members to input their own information, explained Briley.
“ITVibes was able to streamline a lot of our processes, which is very important to us,” Briley said. “The most helpful features are the calendar, which can sync to people’s phones, and the payment feature. People like quick, fast, and now and ITVibes was able to give us that,” she continued.
The new website has many built-in features:

  • Self-managed events management and calendar
  • Self-published membership application and directory with advanced search
  • Fully integrated news and blog feeds
  • Relocation and jobs section
  • Social media integration with real time feeds
  • Smartphone friendly design and features

The website showcases how they are utilizing 21st century technology with their new online marketing strategy, according to Briley. “The new website works for where we are today and that’s what is important to our members and our office staff. It’s important we have something that is workable and effective.”
“My members are my number one priority and we want to make sure that we take care of them. We believe the new website helps us to achieve many of our goals,” explained Briley.