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Tips For Your B2B Website

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Industry Solutions

Tips for B2B Website
If your company has been around for years and relies heavily on existing networks and word of mouth to boost your sales, you might be wondering: Do I even need a website? The short answer is yes. A reliable online presence is crucial today. As a company selling to other businesses, your B2B web pages have to rank well on search engines to establish trust with your existing and new clients.  Establish online trust. Build networks. Boost your B2B website. Click To Tweet

Tip #1: BE BOLD About What Your Company Does

Within seconds of visiting your website, a new visitor needs to be able to tell what products or services you’re selling. Use vibrant, high-quality images, sharp and simple text, and clean website design to make this happen. Think of it this way: If you covered the logo of your company on a webpage, would the content and images showcase what you do? If not, rearrange content to bring focus to your top money makers (services or products).  Use images that are attractive but don’t compete with the content.

Tip #2: Quick Load Times & Enhanced User Experience

Your B2B website design can’t be too heavy or take too long to load. Chances are you’ll lose out on keeping users engaged long enough to get them to your services or product pages. Speed up your website by ensuring there is no additional “baggage” with the design, content, video, and images. Your web pages need to be user-friendly so that you can get your visitors clicking away to know more.

Tip #3: Factual or Technical Vs. Engaging Content

On a B2B website, you’re selling to clients or businesses who have already made a decision to invest in your products or services and are knowledgeable in their field. Your content needs to be professional, use technical terms, and further describe what you offer. Unlike websites where you sell to customers, your content doesn’t have to tell a story. Instead, it needs to point out and detail the benefits, features, and if applicable model numbers.

Tip #4: Put Work into Your Product Catalog

If you are selling products, maintaining a high functioning product catalog is crucial. Since your customers already knows what they’re looking for, a detailed and organized search function will help them quickly find want they want to purchase. Take the time to go through all your part and model numbers, features of the products, and pricing. Display any offers or ongoing deals in a way that catches their eye. Make it easy for them to make a purchase with a click of a button, or get a free quote.

Ready to Boost Your B2B Web Pages?

B2B online marketing starts with effective  SEO, clean site design, and streamlined search options for products or services. If you’re looking to expand on your B2B website reach, we can help with design and development.
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