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The Importance of an FAQ Page for Your Website

The Importance of an FAQ Page for Your Website, ITVibes, The Woodlands, TX

Most company websites have an FAQ page or a comparable one to address common customer questions. Their purpose may seem obvious–they’re designed to save your time and your customers’ time by providing answers preemptively. But there’s more to an FAQ page than simply typing up a few answers and posting them.
The FAQ section of your website serves several purposes that aren’t immediately obvious. How much time did you spend ensuring it’s properly linked to your other webpages and sprinkled with keywords? Is your FAQ page providing the benefits it should be? Let’s take a closer look at what an FAQ page is and why it deserves special attention.
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Quick-and-Dirty Website Summary

The “About” page rarely provides all the information a website visitor wants. Potential customers have questions about your prices, methods, products or services, and much more. A “Frequently Asked Questions” page gathers the top questions you suspect your customers will have and provides concise answers, saving visitors from having to scour your website for information. Not only does this give your customers a satisfying experience, but it also reduces the time you’ll spend answering the same basic questions over and over, allowing you to focus on your business first and foremost. In summary, your FAQ page should provide a digestible summary of your website and build trust with your clients.

Excellent SEO Results

An FAQ webpage is a great opportunity to use a large number of keywords to help your ranking. In your website summary, see how many of your targeted keywords and phrases you can use to catch a search engine’s attention. A truly effective FAQ page may even rank higher than any other section of your website! Google will recognize it as a reliable source of information on your company and will prioritize it accordingly.

Pro Tip: FAQ pages let you get away with more keywords than usual, but don’t allow yourself to cross the line into keyword stuffing. Google will still penalize your website for that.

Linkbuilding Opportunities

Though this page answers general questions and addresses common concerns, it doesn’t provide the detailed info some customers may want. Meanwhile, others may be so convinced by the information that they want to buy from you right away. Either way, they need to know where to go. In each answer you provide, include one or multiple links to other parts of your website where clients can learn more about this particular topic. Contact and purchase links should also be prominently displayed. This approach will both guide your customers to what they want and show Google that your website is an excellent source of information in your industry.

Your FAQ Page Might Need Some Work

Is your FAQ page performing as well as it needs to be? If not, it’s time for an upgrade. Find natural places to insert keywords and relevant links for optimal results. Give your customers the information they want, and give yourself the high Google ranking you need.
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