11 Halloween Costume Ideas for Work

11 Halloween Costumes for Work, ITVibes, Inc, Spring, TX

Why save dressing up for Halloween just for the kids? This Halloween, impress your boss and entertain your co-workers with a costume that will have the whole office talking.
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Who are you going to be?

The options are endless, but in the workplace, Halloween costumes have to be appropriate. If you’re planning to dress up this spooky season, start with these 11 ideas to take your place in the office to the next level. 

  1. Sailor
  2. Copycat
  3. Superman/Superwoman
  4. Mary Poppins 
  5. Facebook
  6. Coachella Festival Attendee
  7. Rosie the Riveter
  8. Houston Astros Player
  9. Instagram Filters
  10. Wednesday Adams
  11. Unicorn

1) Sailor

Win your office costume party with this costume for men and women! With a horizontal striped shirt, navy skirt or pants, and a white sailor cap, you’ll definitely sail past the competition.

2) Copycat

If you’re looking for a last-minute costume, this punny idea will have all the marketing experts and computer geeks turning their heads. Dress up as a cat, then make a shirt or sign with the CTRL + C command.

3) Superman/Superwoman

Everyone loves a classic. Whether you buy a t-shirt or complete the look with tights and a cape, dressing up as a superhero is a sure way to go.

4) Mary Poppins

For all those old-fashioned Disney fans, Mary Poppins might be the costume for you. Complete your outfit with a floor-length  coat jacket, stylish bowtie, feminine gloves, and a black boater hat. Add an umbrella for a magical touch. 

5) Facebook

All of the social media experts will love this idea. Instead of spending money on costumes and fake blood, you can put your face on display. With a sharpie or eyeliner, simply write the word “book”. Voila! You’re now Facebook

Pro Tip: Finding a costume doesn’t have to be crazy difficult. Look around your office for an easy costume idea by making puns come to life. 

6) Coachella Festival Attendee

The trendy sunglasses, flower headbands, sandals, and airy sundresses will all be welcomed into your office. With a couple of bangles and glitter lotion, you’ll be next year’s Coachella influencer.

7) Rosie the Riveter

There’s nothing more American than the feminist icon, Rosie the Riveter. A red headband and jean shirt with rolled-up sleeves will have everyone in the office taking your orders. 

8) Houston Astros Player

Show your H-Town pride with an Astros jersey and baseball cap. If you really want to strike out the competition, add a black strip under your eyes.

9) Instagram Filters

How we portray ourselves on digital media can come to life with this easy-to-make idea. Pick some of your favorite Instagram photo filters to make photo props your whole team will enjoy.  

10) Wednesday Addams

She’s creepy and spooky in a style all her own. With braids parted down the middle, a black ensemble, and extra pale makeup, you could be the next member of the Addams family.

11) Unicorn

Let’s face it, we’re all unicorns. This idea is one of the easiest to replicate. You can go all out with sparkly pink attire and a tutu. Or, make it easy and wear a horn-shaped crown for the day.

Altogether Ooky

This Halloween season, don’t be afraid to share your personality with your co-workers. Whether you’re dressing up to be funny or to show off your favorite celebrity, don’t forget to adhere to your company’s policy. If not, you might find yourself in a mysterious and altogether ooky predicament that will have you screaming anything but, “Happy Halloween!”
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