How to Optimize Google My Business in 2020

Did you know that close to 56% of business retailers haven’t claimed their Google listing? Whether it’s through ignorance or negligence, the reality is that businesses without a Google My Business account are missing out on a huge opportunity. Learn how to optimize your account to help gain visibility for your business.

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Utilizing Google My Business Rightly

Google My Business (GMB) is an online listing of a business’s operating information, reviews, map location, and much more. In 2020, having a GMB listing is much like having a phonebook listing. It’s the place where potential customers can find information about your business and plan accordingly. If you’re not already utilizing this powerful tool, it’s time to start optimizing your online listing to better represent your business.

  1. Claim Your GMB Listing
  2. Add All Relevant Information
  3. Setup Ongoing Updates

1) Claim Your GMB Listing

Before you can fully optimize your listing, Google requires you to verify the name, address, and phone number (commonly known as NAP) of your business. Since your GMB listing is directly connected to your map listing, a postcard is sent to your business address with a verification code. Once you receive the code, you’ll be able to claim your listing and update accordingly.

Pro Tip: When your contact information on your website matches your GMB listing, Google will index that information and enhance your ranking.

2) Add All Relevant Information

After you’ve verified your listing, many different options will be made available for you to edit. Basic business information such as operating hours, service areas, website address, and contact information are important, but there are also advanced features worth optimizing.

  • Profile Photo – What image would best help people recognize your business? Be sure to choose a picture with a dimension of 250 x 250 pixels.
  • Cover Photo – What image would best display what your business is all about? For example, if you’re a hair salon, it’s recommended to show the inside of your salon so customers can know what to expect. Be sure to an image that is within 2120 x 1192 pixels. 
  • Logo – Having your logo displayed is a good way to help build your brand and overall visibility.
  • Interior & Exterior Photos – This is a great place to showcase the actual building or environment of your business. With these images, you can help give users an accurate view of the business.
  • Description – Who are you? What do you provide? This is your opportunity to explain what makes your business unique and why potential customers should choose you.
  • Category – There are over 2,500 different terms to categorize your business. Although you can only choose one primary category, you can include up to 10 subcategories to better describe your business.
  • Services – Much like keywords, your list of services is a way for your business to show up within certain search engine results. Although the tab doesn’t show up on the desktop knowledge panel, it is used as a dropdown on the mobile version of google maps.
  • Products – The product section of your listing can help give users a better idea of what you provide. By showcasing your products with accompanied prices and availability, you can increase buyer interaction.
  • Highlights/Attributes – If you were compared to your competitors, how would you rank? The highlights/attributes of your GMB profile is a way to list the set of amenities your business provides. Examples may include wheelchair accessibility, free breakfast, wi-fi (free or paid), and many others.

3) Setup Ongoing Updates

There are two ways to keep your GMB profile up to date for future users: online reviews and post updates. By utilizing these sections, you can stay relevant to your audience and remain connected with your potential customers. 

  • Online Reviews – Monitor your online reputation by setting up email alerts for new reviews. To practice good customer service, be sure to respond to any positive or negative review that comes in.
  • Post Updates – Google My Business has a section within your listing where you can add articles, links, photos, or videos. Much like a social media profile, you can add regular updates to keep future customers engaged.

Get Found on Google Maps

How will potential buyers find your business? As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your online information is accurate and readily available. By taking advantage of the capabilities offered through Google My Business, you can improve your local SEO ranking and be the number one contender on Google Maps.

Unsure where to start? Connect with our team for more tips and tricks to help your business gain traction.

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