Stand Out with These 8 Types of Display Ads

Stand Out with These 8 Types of Display Ads ITVibes, Spring, TX

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Display Marketing

In PPC marketing, there are different types of display ads marketers can use. They can work wonders for different industries, from retail to construction. If you want to boost conversion rates for your product or service, consider these display ad options.

What Are the Types of Display Ads?

Display advertisements can come in many different formats, each with its own purpose. GIF and video ads grab attention, while interactive and shoppable ads drive engagement. Get creative with banner ads and native advertising to increase brand awareness. Lastly, try expandable or interstitial ads where they would be appropriate.

  1. GIF Ads
  2. Video Ads
  3. Interactive Ads
  4. Shoppable Ads
  5. Banner Ads
  6. Native Ads
  7. Expandable Ads
  8. Interstitial Ads

1) GIF Ads

GIF ads are short animated images used for advertising. They loop continuously and convey a message or promote a product in a visually engaging way. They’re commonly seen on websites and social media platforms.

2) Video Ads

Video ads are short promo clips that play on platforms like landing pages and social media. They showcase products, services, or messages through moving images and sound. They aim to capture viewers’ attention and dynamically convey information.

3) Interactive Ads

Interactive ads engage viewers by allowing them to participate in some way. This can include clicking, swiping, or interacting with elements within the ad itself. They provide a more engaging experience for users compared to traditional static ads.

4) Shoppable Ads

Shoppable ads allow viewers to purchase products or services featured in the ad. They often include clickable links or buttons that lead to an online store. Then, the user can buy the item without leaving the ad platform.

5) Banner Ads

You’ll see the small rectangular banner advertisements on websites and apps. Featuring images, text, and sometimes animations, they’re placed strategically to attract clicks. Clicking on a banner ad usually directs the user to the website or a specific landing page.

6) Native Ads

Native display ads blend in with the platform content, such as in articles or social media feeds. They match the style and format of the surrounding content, making them less intrusive and more likely to be engaged with by users.

7) Expandable Ads

Expandable ads can change size or reveal extra content when interacted with. This is typically done by hovering over or clicking on them. They provide a dynamic experience, allowing for more information or engagement without taking up too much space on the screen.

8) Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are full-screen advertisements that appear between content transitions. This is typically used when moving between web pages or mobile app screens. The interruption requires interaction to dismiss them before continuing with the desired content.

Attract Your Target Audience with Display Ads

Use these types of display ads today to start seeing clicks on your landing pages. With a marketing team like ITVibes, you can create a display advertising strategy that converts. 

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