Pro Tips: How to Make Time for Marketing

Are you a small business owner? Then it’s likely you are always pressed for time. As a wearer of many hats, you probably already work seven days a week, sometimes putting in close to 100 hours by Sunday. You know that you need to make time for marketing, but it’s likely that you just aren’t sure how to fit it in. You are all too aware of the importance of marketing, but how do you set aside the time you simply don’t have?

Focus Creates More Time

We all know that a small business’s marketing plan is critical to its success but just how imperative is it that you dedicate time to doing this on a consistent basis? Marketing your business is more than just creating a few branding messages and spreading them on print and digital marketing channels. An effective marketing strategy involves careful planning to include extensive market research, comparative analysis, and specific action plans to meet your goals. Many small business owners let lack of time and money drive their marketing plan and ultimately fail. Instead, create a specific plan for marketing your business, then allocate time and budget to get you where you need to be. You will quickly learn that focus is one of the most effective ways to make time for marketing.

Here are a few ways to bring more focus to your time:

Learn from Others

No matter what industry you are in, there is someone who has gone before you. They’ve put in many hours developing, testing, and refining their marketing strategy. There is a wealth of information online to give you a starting point.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Find a sample marketing plan and refine to fit your needs. You don’t have to start from scratch.

Set a Timer

Brainstorming does not have to take hours. In fact, some of the best ideas can come to you in a focused 5-minute brainstorming session.


Many times having a meal with a friend or chatting with a colleague over coffee break can give you the kickstart you need. You don’t have to go it alone!


As a business owner, you are an expert multitasker. Carry an “ideas” journal or notebook with you at all times. You might think of an idea mid-sentence during a business meeting. Give yourself the chance to write it down while you can. With everything you have on your mind, it’s likely the idea will be gone by the time the meeting is over.

Use Available Tools

With everyone in attention-deficit mode these days, a variety of sales management and marketing tools are continually being developed to streamline processes for efficiency. Many are free, while others are well worth the investment. Find the tools that will make life easier for you and use them!

Learn More

These are just a few ideas on how to make more time for marketing. As a small business owner, you did not get there by accident. You are intelligent and innovative. These tips are not anything mind-blowing, but remembering to use them can be a game-changer. At ITVibes, we are experts at streamlining the marketing process. Contact us to learn more about how an optimized digital marketing strategy can help.


Traci has spent a better part of the last decade developing a diverse digital marketing portfolio. As Content & SEO Team Manager at ITVibes, she enjoys working with businesses from various industries to develop data-driven content marketing strategies that yield high results. Traci is passionate about the inbound marketing process as a way to connect businesses with the exact people that are looking for their products and services at the exact moment they are searching. Traci is known for her highly-collaborative methods that help her realize the vision each client has to successfully create engaging content to captivate carefully targeted audiences across multiple platforms. She loves the ever-evolving nature of the digital marketing industry and strives to learn and apply new trends and methods as relevant to her client’s business goals. With a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Traci uses charismatic and creative leadership techniques to drive her team to reach for new heights each day. When Traci is not working, you will find her enjoying the daily adventures of life with a big family!