How to Promote a Product or Service Online


by | Oct 21, 2022 | Digital Marketing

No matter what business you are in, good marketing goes a long way to help get more eyes on you. But how do you promote your product or service online effectively? Let’s talk about our favorite quick ways to get established online. 

To us, some of the best ways to sell your product or service online are to have a social media presence, put out a consistent email newsletter, and run ads on Facebook and Google. While these are not the only ways to promote your business, they are the basics of how to succeed at online marketing tactics. 

How do you promote a product or service online in an effective way? Learn how ITVibes can use content and social media to market your business online. Share on X

Have a Social Media Presence

One of the most affordable ways to promote your business is to have an active social media presence. Post updates on your company, the most recent deals you have going, customer reviews, blog posts, and more ideas on your business’s social media channels. 

Consistently posting greatly increases your chances of being noticed by your target audience. But what counts as consistent? At ITVibes, we recommend posting at least twice a week if not more to keep your content fresh. 

Put Out an Email Newsletter

Another way to get the word out about your company is to put out a consistent newsletter. We recommend sending a newsletter out once every month to an email list. You can set up a newsletter sign-up on your website to collect email addresses. 

Then take that list, and add it to a newsletter creation program like Mailchimp. That way, you are sending pertinent information to people who want it. Use this new platform to promote a new product or give your loyal customers updates on your business.

Run Ads on Facebook and Google

Finally, we highly recommend setting up Facebook and Google ads to promote your business to potential customers. The ad can be anything from a simple graphic to a promotion for a loyalty program, or even a video of you talking about your business. Paid advertising is especially good for giving a product launch a leg up on the competition. 

Contact ITVibes For Help

Does all of this seem daunting? Don’t worry. ITVibes specializes in doing all of these things for other businesses. We will market your products to grow your customer base and increase your profit margin. 

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