Get More Likes: A Guide to Facebook Video Ads

Get More Likes: A Guide to Facebook Video Ads ITVibes, Inc., Spring, TX.

Facebook continues to be the leading social media platform for consumers and digital marketers. Since its’ launch in 2004, Facebook has had an outstanding increase in the number of users and will only continue to rapidly grow. If you’re a video content creator looking to reach an audience, you should start building your Facebook Ads campaign now.

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Social networks have given businesses and consumers the power to build brand awareness with video ads. Let’s take a look at the best practices for creating video ads on Facebook and some tips for increasing video views. 

Target Your Audience

Audience targetting is crucial when creating video ads for Facebook. You can put in specifics about demographics, hobbies, and interests that will send your ads to the appropriate viewers. A lookalike audience is a way to reach Facebook users who are likely to be interested in your brand because they’re similar to your most loyal customers.

By having a well-defined audience that you know you’re trying to reach, you’ll see more views and engagement on your videos and carousel ads. 

Have a Goal in Mind

Do you want to use this video to showcase a product or service? Invite clients to attend your event? Lead viewers to a landing page on your website? Your video advertising goals need to be clear so that you can track them in the future and see what’s working for your business. 

Build your video marketing structure around the main action that you want viewers to take, and what kind of results you want to see from your brand’s ads. You can track your Facebook page’s analytics by using Facebook pixel–a code that collects data for you to track performance with.

Create a Call to Action

As asked earlier, which action do you want viewers to take when they watch a video from your page? Your call to action can be anything from “Schedule an Appointment” to “Save Big Now”. You’ve shown the viewer what it is that you have to offer, and you’re calling them to take action while the offer is presented to them. 

If you’re just looking for more engagement on your posts and some more followers to your social media, “Subscribe” and “Leave a Like & Comment Below” are good CTAs to remind your audience of what they should do next. 

Pro Tip: Need some fresh Facebook ad ideas? Take a mental note of the things that grab your attention as you scroll through your news feed, whether it’s a text post, image, or video. 

Promoting Your Brand with Facebook Video Ads

Promoting your Facebook page through video ads is a great way to start getting results. Videos capture audience attention, and with a well-defined audience and a clear goal in mind, the results will continue to grow.

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