5 Types of Social Posts You Think are Awful that Your Audience Will Love!

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Social media marketing is often misguided. Businesses seeking to promote their products or services tend to drastically overlook the entire “social” aspect. When managing a business social media page, a common error is to vomit as much information about your company as possible thinking that is the best way to get it in front of a larger audience. In doing so, you may think it’s a good move to dismiss some of the very posts that will drive engagement and build your social community. This misguided strategy will leave you hopelessly spinning your wheels, wondering when and where you went wrong.

These Types of Social Posts Hold More Value than You Think

Your goal is to build a relationship with your audience. Really get to know your audience and then put them at the forefront of your social media strategy. Only after you begin to establish rapport with people will they be receptive to posts that directly promote your products or services. That’s why these types of social posts hold more value than you think.

1) Articles Not Directly Related to Your Products or Services

Social media is a place for sharing. What you share will be a mixture of your own content and content written by others. While it’s a given that you will want to share articles written by experts in your field about the benefits of your products and services, you do not want to limit yourself to this content only.
Remember that sharing is for the benefit of your audience. What do they love? What will get them to click “Like” or Share your content?  The more your audience engages with your content, the more content from your page they will see in their newsfeed. This sets you up nicely for sharing information about your products and services that you want them to see! It also establishes you as a fun and interesting business who cares about their interests.

2) Happy Day Posts

There have been many debates about this type of social post. Some think happy day posts are just plain stupid and pointless while others enjoy them immensely. “Happy Monday” or “Happy Friday” posts are generally well-received by all types of audiences and receive more “Likes” than other posts. Again, the more your audience likes what’s on your page, the more they will see content from your page. Instead of thinking of these posts in a negative light, try imagining them as a fun way to greet your audience at the beginning of the week and light way to end the week.

3) Picture Quotes

You may love quotes yourself but what do they have to do with your business social media strategy? Picture quotes are a great way to share your personality with your audience and generally have a high engagement rate. Have some fun with these by choosing a different theme each week. Pay attention to holidays and post quotes around them. People love it!

4) Viral Videos

Viral videos often get a bad reputation as click-bait and sometimes can be what you would call “fake news”. But some videos go viral because they are genuinely sweet, funny, or invoke another emotion that compels people to share. Find the right videos for your audience and they’ll go nuts over them! And we know that high levels of engagement on these posts increase the chances of your audience seeing more of your posts, right? (I think you’re getting it!)

5) Random Facts

Random facts may seem completely trivial to post on your business social media page. But these types of social posts can prove to be great for engagement. And here’s why. People get bored. Wake them up with a piece of interesting trivia, great recipe or DIY project and they’ll thank you (in the form of “Likes” and if you’re lucky, they’ll share too!)

The Key is Balance

Social media marketing is a huge balancing act. You have to find a happy medium between entertaining your audience, educating them and making them aware of the products and services you have that will benefit their life in some way. The right mix of different types of social posts is key to a successful strategy.

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